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Yosef Tukachinsky

1541.65 (11,024th)
603 (235,005th)
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Title Δ
Why the "z-index" is being ignored? Elements are only com... 0.00
How can i make this JS Slider Auto Play on every three second +0.41
Calling function within a Function +0.41
Bootstrap 5 layout for different sizes cards - like Pinterest -0.37
Pause CSS-animation of the circular menu to open and close +0.44
Using variables and simple calculation with CSS -0.35
How to apply CSS transition on hide? -0.32
why tooltip is not hide on mouseleave event in react? 0.00
if values matches do addition of related attributes in php -0.06
Reduce array of object by value and aggregate 0.00
checking the content of a select to change a css property 0.00
React hide dropdown menu when lose focus 0.00
How to delete an object from array? -0.30
Is there a way to create a HTML element using an array of coordinat... +0.41
Unable to drag and drop an image over another image in JS? -0.06
Is Inline Styling in React causing my image to be shifted down? 0.00
Dynamically change a background image depending on view port width 0.00
Modal image gallery slider fullscreen 0.00
Changing CSS property with Javascript using arguments 0.00
Drawing Dynamic Gradients in HTML5 Canvas +2.06
Convert a decimal rating (max of 5 w/ 0.1 increments) to a percentage +0.39
Full Background Gradient Cover with No Repeat 0.00
Vertical align image with text with same size 0.00
how to make wave animation? 0.00
Overlay of image on image 0.00
How to merge two array of objects containing different values of sa... +1.84
React.js - "Cannot read property 'map' of undefined&qu... 0.00
How to save object position after animation in JavaScript? 0.00
HTML 5 showing incorrect values 0.00
how to move an object to another with java script using css animation 0.00
Is there a way to determine the pixels for the top? -1.63
Performing a case sensitive string sorting in TypeScript +1.17
PURE CSS Rotating cube pause at face and then play 0.00
Whitespace in wrapped form element -1.65
make div as high as background image +0.44
Read and display array nested values -0.57
Check if an Array Contains a Given Number +0.44
How to center object with CSS transform scale +1.97
CodeWars Javascript Challenge: Are they the "same"? -0.57
HTML Using this.parentNode.querySelector -0.70
How can I accomplish these type of round buttons using HTML / CSS /... -0.05
How to create below parallelograms with responsive using css shapes 0.00
JS for-loop doesn't work properly. Getting inaccurate value as... +2.30
How to change the format of an array using tyscript -1.59
How can we find out if two colors are similar or not? 0.00
Scale HTML image width and height in % -0.98
Coverting array to indexed object in typescript +1.80
Using trigonometry to animate HTML5 canvas, but how to position thi... 0.00
Regex is including slash 0.00
Call a random array and its elements within another array -0.55