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1534.31 (14,756th)
5,549 (29,521st)
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Title Δ
Linked list reversed in groups of K nodes 0.00
Comma separated expressions in printf() gives an unexpected result 0.00
Using qsort to sort an array of structs in C 0.00
Remove the required elements of string2 from string1 0.00
Why do I get different results for "a+1" and "&a... 0.00
How to init a structure array in C? 0.00
sorting strings with heap sort | C++ 0.00
How does recursion work when inserting nodes in linked lists? 0.00
Using global enum members in a different source file 0.00
How to calculate the first n even integers? 0.00
How many times does fib(3) gets called when we call fib(6) using th... 0.00
Why we don't need to de-reference pointer value in case of mall... 0.00
Regarding logical AND operator 0.00
size() and capacity() of c++ vectors 0.00
Why a friend class member can access a private member of the class... 0.00
Given an array of integers, needing run operations on a Max_Heap. G... +0.44
Why does the notation for an "array of pointers to different a... 0.00
Using copy assignment in derived class +0.95
Segmentation fault while implementing linkedlists in c++ -0.05
Unexpected outputs, why? +0.41
Assigning values to an array of ints through a function in C -0.29
Array size mismatch - C -0.05
C++ style: Stroustrup' s placement of pointer asterisks +1.13
i get errors in for loop +1.78
How to remove the comma in the output? -0.10
I'm confused by recursion in my "convert decimal to binary... +0.46
program To find the repetition of a number -0.04
what is the difference between int and int * in C 0.00
I am getting wrong output in my cpp program 0.00
Atoi Function gives me random numbers 0.00
Is a derived class considered a member of the base class? +1.99
Find a node in a binary search tree 0.00
similar assert statements giving different results -0.89
C - Static char array vs dynamic char array +0.46
Cast a multidimensional cv::Mat to std::vector<cv::Mat>& +0.46
Finding out complexity of a program when we use while loop -0.40
Typedef/Global structure in C, without using "typedef"? +2.10
How can i print all the numbers of the array until [i][j] position? -0.54
Maximize number of substring such that no substring has characters... -1.16
Two codes that should act the same sorting an array, don't 0.00
Unable to insert elements in circular doubly linked list 0.00
Create N processes in Linux and create a file in the current direct... 0.00
Child process memory free problem with execvp -1.56
Fail to push head on Linked List 0.00
char* (*name())[]; Is this statement array of function pointers? +1.61
Sorting a Linked List without re-linking nodes +1.34
Is this undefined behavior 0.00
Iterating variable-length string in C -1.29
Assigning char array to char array in C -0.61
Understanding array manipulation pointers syntax in C -0.35