An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1503.51 (297,538th)
1,302 (122,509th)
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Title Δ
Polymorphic subtyping in C++ +0.38
Node.js: Cannot find module 'express' -0.04
Error Debug Assertion Failed 0.00
How to sort a date (YYMMDD) and validate it? -0.06
GCC: linker error when working with old C code -3.18
C++ "new" memory allocation +2.92
Interpreters vs Compilers vs Virtual Machines +4.28
C++: Should I use 'typedef' or 'using namespace'? +1.45
C++ pass an array by reference -3.08
Is it possible to copy a dynamically allocated array pointer prior... +3.14
undefined reference error when compiling c++ application 0.00
makefile: symbol(s) not found for architecture +4.05
Compilation error due to copy constructor +0.69
Compile time check whether a base class is "interface" -1.74
Automatic Pointer Swizzling by Java? +2.63
eclipse autocomplete iterator for C++ 0.00
Can i use memcmp two compare multibyte characters string? +4.66
sqrt function in C++ +4.49
check the input null +3.18
Synchronization and System.out.println -3.20
Is String not considered an object? +3.11
Will a .cs file work in a .java software? +3.09
When only caring for several algorithms relative performance, would... -1.28
Is this considered explicit C++ template class Instantiation? -2.91
Is using Debugger a wrong course to join competition of programming? +0.11
C++: How do I decide if to pass params by ref or by value? -1.78
proving postgresql is good choice for commercial world -3.63
How do I compile the following flex file in C++ with auxiliary func... 0.00
How to display a #defined constant during build, in Visual Studio 2... +2.07
How to check whether the current version of Java is higher than 1.6 0.00
__LINE__ feature in Groovy -3.09
Lexer that recognizes indented blocks -2.74
C++: joining array together - is it possible with pointers WITHOUT... -1.48
Launch third part app -4.10
'this' prefix in Java? +1.09
wxPython: How to reference the frame's status bar from individual n... -4.01
In what situations should we use function signature void *(*)()? +4.22
php recusion stuck 0.00
Creating an interface in Android -2.05
Why is llvm considered unsuitable for implementing a JIT? -3.68
Why does SendKeys produce an error in Windows 7? 0.00