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Nikos C.

1581.18 (2,684th)
35,416 (3,415th)
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Title Δ
error: conflicting types for ‘wstat’ in gcc 0.00
How to remove this inheritance-related code smell? 0.00
Getting GCC error: "sys/memfd.h: No such file or directory" 0.00
compiler defined move constructor with destructor 0.00
Passing a pointer as an parameter, memory usage 0.00
Do references in c++ represent objects? 0.00
QT setMouseTracking(true) has no effect at all 0.00
why would fopenf_s initialize the file pointer to be NULL when work... 0.00
Function that returns only the even bits from a word 0.00
How do I compare boolean values in a class? 0.00
Is it possible to write to a QBuffer that's currently being read? 0.00
How do I fix "'struct _IO_FILE' has no member named &#... 0.00
Using __super on Clang C++ 0.00
How to call the functions of paillier library 0.00
Creating a move assignment function, keep getting "pointer bei... 0.00
How to safely use unique_ptr with functions which can return NULL? 0.00
Does const pointer-to-member default to pointing to an int? 0.00
A simple exercise with sequence 0.00
How would I pass a virtual method through an abstract class but opt... 0.00
How to throw exception if no constructor exists when called 0.00
Unit test to check for `noexcept` property for a C++ method 0.00
Operator << as member function 0.00
Why ldconfig doesn't link or cache my library? 0.00
Returning a 2D array from function to main function 0.00
Cannot emplace_back() a braced initializer on a vector of vectors 0.00
RPM Spec file dependencies with Qt Installer 0.00
How to display a blinking cursor in QLineEdit during read-only 0.00
Const ref versus const pointer as a data member for operator= overl... 0.00
C++ how to make a prototype of this kind of constructor? 0.00
Did I refactor this example from Qt Wiki correctly? 0.00
How can I instantiate a lambda closure type in C++11/14? 0.00
Trying to make an accessor funtion in qt 0.00
Valgrind found 3 memory leaks but I can't figure out where they... 0.00
Initialize an std::array algorithmically at compile time 0.00
Specifying one of base class template parameters by derived class t... 0.00
How to avoid branching for a call where the number of arguments is... 0.00
Can QTimer fire when the queue is not empty? 0.00
Why is it sometimes valid to write an include statement in a codebl... 0.00
GIT not running at substituted user - /bin/git: /bin/git: cannot ex... 0.00
QPixmap initialization causes memory leak 0.00
Dynamic Allocation for a Struct with template 0.00
How to use QString toUtf8 and fromUtf8? 0.00
Virtual functions for 2 derived classes (Hex + binary) 0.00
Why I am able to modify private data of base class from derieved cl... 0.00
Where is the fault? 0.00
Accessing this pointer in static function in cpp 0.00
Inheritance without default constructor? 0.00
Is there any real world application of indirect addressing in some... 0.00
getting extra zero's while printing vector data? 0.00
Deallocating locally defined variables in C 0.00