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Nikos C.

1596.10 (1,968th)
35,416 (3,251st)
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Title Δ
Null type in standard C++ library 0.00
About the meaning of "./a" in gcc +0.36
How to prevent GCC from inserting memset during link-time optimizat... -0.64
Accidentally input c_rehash cmd in folder 0.00
How to shorten declaring named constants? +1.72
How to configure clang-format to take UTF-8 character's length... 0.00
Difficulty understanding c++ polymorphism +1.95
Error with Auto variable in a function C++ +0.19
How to put a string inside a std::vector<char>? 0.00
Advice on using pointers for malloc and free 0.00
Why does my "echo" only display 1 word? (Linux-Bash) -0.64
Polymorphism in c++ - Access functions over pointers +0.38
i want to implement map in c++ , for that i can't check vector... -0.15
Can you make a bool return 1 if a variable is of a certain type? 0.00
QT version issue 0.00
Should a Return statement be outside of critical section? 0.00
Red Hat 7.2 GCC version support the compilation of C++14 code? +1.26
I need the option of passing in a vector of objects, or brace-enclo... 0.00
How to reverse elements in char array? C++ 0.00
How to dynamically store address of a QVector<T> in another Q... 0.00
Add method specialization for all enumeration classes in C++ -0.35
How can I dismiss a custom delete function of a std smart pointer? 0.00
simple question about standard c++ multithreading 0.00
How to tell if Im using by reference correctly? 0.00
C - dynamic linking suceeds but static will not 0.00
Git changes are missing +0.37
Reason to use Qt standard library function wrappers -2.32
Can I disable autocomplete with Alt+Tab on Qt Creator under Linux? 0.00
dynamic_cast succussful in an unexpected manner 0.00
How can I pause an action in real time (Qt5)? 0.00
Value-initializing std::array member? 0.00
C++ lambda callbacks 0.00
./abc.o: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error 0.00
Can you have constexpr rvalues? +1.62
A function parameter of type void +1.74
C++ Meyer's Singleton with arguments +1.66
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/9/... 0.00
How can I ensure RVO instead of copy is performed? -1.15
C++ multiple conversion operators 0.00
C: free(): invalid pointer Aborted (core dumped) error 0.00
Why does overload resolution select pointer type for 0 but not 1, w... +2.27
undefined reference to "_imp____class name ____ virtual method... -0.12
Why would you simultaneously return from a function and assign to a... 0.00
C++ wrapping template partial specialization into macro 0.00
Using purely polymorphism and inheritence to call functions on a de... -1.29
Why would you ever take the copy of an object as a parameter to you... -0.91
QT Multi-threading & Updating GUI +0.51
Why does the iterator to set::end in C++ dereferences to the number... -0.78
How to run Qt UI and Linux message queue reception thread in parell... 0.00
(C++) When a function return data like class or struct, I want to r... +0.83