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Nikos C.

1585.60 (2,455th)
35,416 (3,248th)
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Title Δ
Is there a pair of positive width and length values that will retur... 0.00
Template function where template argument type depends on function... -1.18
Scope a using declaration, inside a header +1.26
How to use getters and setters without generating a copy? +1.44
What's a good pattern to calculate a variable only when it is u... -0.11
How to code outgoing references for searching on container with uni... +1.21
Alternative to deleting raw pointer in C++ Qt 0.00
A function to time any other arbitrary function and return its resu... -1.42
why use references for mutable variables in c++ -1.88
Comparing chrono::duration with an integer 0.00
Can you initialize a static array with a function? -0.13
GCC's Warning in Boost Source 0.00
C++ how to create an automatic casting map? -1.70
Is there have a way to delay type binding at code level in C++? -0.36
Copying char data between structs 0.00
Dereferencing a pointer in a 'for' loop initializer creates... -0.64
Check if UTF-8 is wchar_t or char? +1.03
Overloading push_back() in vector to allow non-duplicate elements +2.06
Deallocate dynamic memory within a function -0.09
Is it possible to create a C ++ program, just linking to libcstdc +... +0.24
Should I check for null pointers after calling Qt's setui method? 0.00
Error: Object of abstract class type is not allowed 0.00
Interpreting documentation on arrays (C++) +0.38
How can I pass a command line CONFIG parameter to qmake from QtCrea... 0.00
Why is copy constructor called even when parameter is marked 'c... +1.55
Take screenshot with Qt C++ 0.00
Is it possible to implement automatic global casts? 0.00
Using free() corrupts char array data in C -1.15
this pointer as a const pointer +1.72
How to write a get function for a private char array in the class i... +0.81
I cannot add two or more parameters the the bool operator in a class 0.00
How to properly return a unique_ptr from a vector? +0.90
Allowing redundant null-pointer check at trust boundary 0.00
How to include external libraries in Qt 0.00
Assign std::vector<std::unique_ptr<T>> to another std::... -2.15
gcc compiler switch printf call with puts -1.01
How to swap 2 different objects of an object array in C++? -1.35
How to make multiple copies of functions and asynchronously invoke... 0.00
Understanding class object +1.83
How to affect protected base variable in derived class -1.96
Header-only and static build with QMake -1.20
Why is C++ initial allocation so much larger than C's? +0.39
Ensuring mutex lock is called before unlock +0.47
Is lowercase null valid in C++? +0.38
Undefined behaviour or gcc optimization bug 0.00
Is it safe to assume that float or double NaNs will always be "... +0.38
Cast constexpr int[] to void* -1.87
error: conflicting types for ‘wstat’ in gcc 0.00
How do I remove this inheritance-related code smell? +1.19
Getting GCC error: "sys/memfd.h: No such file or directory" +0.39