An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1558.32 (5,917th)
2,771 (60,926th)
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Title Δ
Base 64 decode and parse string in shell script/Python -2.29
Find the index of a number in the fibonacci sequence 0.00
Time length of mp3 files for mp4chaps 0.00
rename files from id3v1 tags in terminal 0.00
Insert spaces in specific field +0.51
Using sed to convert IP address to company-standard DNS name? 0.00
How to move words in a row to the next one and add indentation if t... +2.45
cut -f multiple arguments +1.44
Convert TSV file to multiple JSON arrays with jq -0.98
Using sed to replace commas with dot without touching dates +0.05
Sed Match & Replace already escaped URLs (https:/\/\\... 0.00
Convert nth character of all filenames in a directory to uppercase... -1.50
How to remove strings from mid-row column values in unix +1.48
Removing spec characters with sed and mv but keeping / for destinat... 0.00
search for a pattern , change just the 3rd and 4th columns of a fil... +2.81
exclude stdout based on an array of words +0.42
Choosing a set of files by pattern matching but excluding a subset... -0.09
How to replace HTML tags throughout file with string based on tag ID -0.78
Download music from youtube with batch file 0.00
How to do multiline pattern matching in text file -1.18
sed: search and replace values at position for last line of file -1.50
how to extract multiple lines between header and footer in bash -0.85
Use python script to prepare command line options -0.43
Sort text file after the 16th column with p-values in bash -0.66
Add a comma to every curly bracket except the last curly bracket in... -0.57
In bash, how can I remove multiple versions of the same file? 0.00
How would I use arrays in Bash to symlink ALL dotfiles to their cor... 0.00
Install everything from a `conda list` output -2.19
Splitting a text file using a separate file of line numbers -0.55
Appending text to specific patterns in a fasta BASH -0.59
Seperate the base file name from the extension -0.13
Bash: Find and replace lines in a file using the lines of another f... +0.40
Sed'ing fails while replacing only first occurence of string in... -0.08
Ignoring cases in a regex split based on surrounding characters -0.63
concat strings of file cat in bash script -0.58
Using SED to replace specific patterns found within parentheses? -2.06
convert all BMP files recursively to JPG handling paths with spaces... 0.00
Linux : why I can't display the diffrents lines between these t... +1.40
Python remove multiple line +1.76
Remove a single line from a very large file using sed +0.49
Bash: How to add text to a .MS Word (doc) file or an .html file? 0.00
grep for the first X amount of characters in a line in a stream 0.00
How to split blocks of terminal output into array elements that can... -0.09
Stream edit text file and replace string with increments 0.00
Regexp or Grep in Bash +0.31
Compare two text files and if the second file has a row which conta... -1.16
Search for phrase within left and right bounds -1.59
Python match all URL's in a file and list each on new line in f... -0.57
need help in grep (BASH) 0.00
parsing the json kind of file to find out particular values using u... 0.00