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Davis Herring

1500.69 (381,214th)
8,654 (18,012th)
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Title Δ
Dynamic control over execution policy type for C++ 0.00
Iterating conditionally over a combinations of objects -1.98
Weird file seeking behaviour 0.00
Why string::replace does not specify allocator's exceptions in... 0.00
How to *write* a C++17 algorithm with a parallel execution policy +2.37
Argument-dependent lookup of dependent names 0.00
Python process not responding with custom signal handler dealing wi... 0.00
Pythonic way to create an idempotent method +0.49
creating generator function from ordinary function 0.00
Are inaccessible types allowed as template arguments? 0.00
Is it valid to cast integer to GLvoid* in C++20 using bit_cast? +1.10
Are unqualified names of non-static data members with dependent typ... 0.00
A question regarding the implementation of std::add_pointer -0.69
Why Python's defaultdict behaves weirdly with pickle? 0.00
is_constant_evaluated() should produce constexpr variables? -0.70
Effect of additional inheritance on execution speed 0.00
How can I draw smooth pixels in a netpbm image? 0.00
python3 C extension module with cp1252 encoded string 0.00
Why are all map values being updated on each iteration? +0.50
Is this normally used/a good practice in Python? 0.00
legal usage of is_transparent in regards partial keys 0.00
Is there a way to change the global function in a for loop instead... 0.00
Make HTTP Server in Python File Inherit the Same Arguments as the C... 0.00
What's the meaning of privately inheriting an abstract base cla... 0.00
Definition of template must be imported from module before it is re... 0.00
Extending namespace std to implement make_unique when using C++11 +2.22
Efficient growing pools of objects 0.00
Linux kernel event: timeval or timespec -1.62
Explicit specialization of variable template 0.00
Force compile time error on sizeof operator 0.00
g++ and clang++ different behaviour when `std::make_index_sequence`... 0.00
Calling Python function with arbitrary number (not known at compila... -0.50
Reading a binary file in Python using a control file with multiple... 0.00
How to type-erase a C++ concept -0.90
The function object and the code object relation in CPython 0.00
Best way to abstract wrapping C error handling with exceptions 0.00
C++20: Concepts of multiple types and its constraint, correct syntax? -0.85
C++20 contracts and unused variables 0.00
Is const in placement new superfluous? 0.00
Why is "pickle" and "multiprocessing picklability&qu... 0.00
recursion for n-dimensional matrix 0.00
Instantiating a new object with a closure 0.00
Free theorems in C++: are templates inherently ignorant and neutral... -1.26
When to make a destructor defaulted using =default? 0.00
Is gcc missing an opportunity to optimize ctor initializer lists? 0.00
How does noexcept in C++ change the assembly? 0.00
Incompatible Type: __main__.TestClass; expected example.TestClass;... 0.00
Avoid SIGTRAP when the constructor of a network edge throws -0.63
Should a constructor for a class that contains a move-only type rec... 0.00
What's the purpose of std::to_integer? -0.68