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Davis Herring

1513.52 (50,590th)
8,654 (18,063rd)
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Title Δ
Is it necessary to annotate the template specializations of an expo... 0.00
Is a pointer to function (sometimes/always?) a function declarator? 0.00
Why does introducing std::mutex to member class generate this compi... 0.00
Unordered set in c++ 0.00
extern template declaration with alias payload 0.00
Template parameters of function type with auto return type argument... +0.74
How to get user input while Multiprocessing 0.00
Simple std::any implementation based on function pointers 0.00
It seems the current standard draft cannot interpret why two struct... +3.12
std::variant behaves differently in MSVC and gcc 0.00
Incrementing a volatile in C++20 with operations on volatile being... -0.44
How is types.SimpleNamespace implemented? 0.00
Finding a Python 2.7 -> 3.8 struct.Pack("H") into Stri... 0.00
How to import windows.h as module correctly 0.00
Access to own private constructors via derived class constructor in... 0.00
How to understand the concept of variable 0.00
How to use P1787 to interpret why the static local variable in inli... 0.00
constexpr variable not captured 0.00
C++ static data member initialization error in Eigen 0.00
Dereferencing a temporary pointer to initialize a reference member... 0.00
Is forwarding of all callables still not possible in C++20? +2.39
msvc and gcc different behavior 0.00
Why C++ function template contains return type in its signature 0.00
g++ std::variant seems can't support user class with std::atomi... 0.00
Is it legal to define a hidden friend in an explicit specialization... 0.00
Double braces required for list-initialization of container std::ar... 0.00
C++ auto deduce type of template member pointer +0.67
Extract innermost lists from n-dimensional jagged array +2.06
Does an explicit instantiation declaration of a member function of... 0.00
Ill-formed goto jump in C++ with compile-time known-to-be-false con... -0.86
Can I forward declare a type defined elsewhere with typedef 0.00
Ensure class methods with C++20 concepts -0.02
The redeclaration in a statement after case label inside a switch s... +2.91
Is calling a function pointer to generated code undefined behavior? -1.51
C++ How to conditionally call a global function whether in a static... -0.01
Duplicate symbols with global template variable using Clang 0.00
Is it legal to convert a pointer/reference to a fixed array size to... 0.00
C++ 17 Metaprogramming recursive struct: enum or constexpr +0.50
Having trouble with the end of this article 0.00
Constexpr: Convert a list of string views into a list of char arrays 0.00
a constant in dependent base class make out-of-line definition not... 0.00
Why does timeit report slower code as faster one? +0.49
Why is python isinstance() transitive with base classes and intrans... -1.65
Transforming an array of int to integer_sequence +0.50
When should you use system(3) to run an external process? +1.90
C++ Template Specialization / Partial and Full 0.00
Access checking rules for template argument list in (particularly e... 0.00
Why can't I declare a concept at class scope? 0.00
Does an extern variable declaration also declare an (object) entity? 0.00
Why doesn't partial specialization need forward declaration? 0.00