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Devesh Kumar Singh

1611.36 (1,326th)
156 (525,754th)
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Title Δ
Using parameters to pass values between functions +1.36
Python: Decorator + list comprehension - TypeError: 'int' o... +0.79
Remove indices of multiple lists if they are equal -0.51
Group the equivalent pictures in python +0.34
Convert string of length n to a matrix of n x len(alphabet) +1.08
How to call a function stored as a variable in python with paramete... -0.65
Struggling with dictionaries +0.21
How does this code extract the max and min from a string of integers? 0.00
trying to do math, int object is not callable -0.07
Is there more 'pythonic' way to do that? -1.31
Calling function in inside another function +1.25
How best to create object variables from a method -0.08
Apply list of funtions to list of iterables +0.34
How to make a word counter program using Python? 0.00
Add number to the strings in the list in python +0.91
Printing list, strings and dict within one string using format in P... +0.35
How to find duplicates in a string in Python 3? -0.12
How to use list comprehensions to replace characters in a string? -0.37
Read binary file to array of complex numbers +1.61
A function containing a truth check applied to an array returns an... 0.00
How to use a variable in a string when chosing from a list randomly? +0.33
How can I print items from a tuple? +0.93
Generate lists from matrix with the same index +1.81
Commas in between each character in CSV +1.29
How to split a string in an array +0.36
How to reduce the nested 'For Loop' complexity in python? +0.50
How do I use a while loop with a random function generator in python 0.00
relu activation function using lambda +1.54
Check for typos, slang, and code formatting issues +0.35
How to take the logical and of a list of boolean functions in python +0.36
Operation similar to group by for lists +0.42
Getting an "AttributeError" when trying to use a class fu... +0.34
Filter a dictionary to return certain keys +0.37
List comprehension and flattening deep data structure +0.36
Check if any character in a string is not in another string -0.11
Write a list of values as separate columns to a CSV file using Python +0.36
Is there an easier way to search for an pattern in a list of string... +0.94
Create a new dictionary from existing with new keys 0.00
Can't use a function properly from another class with class inh... +0.11
Python3 compare 2 list with dictionary elements 0.00
Python find if two dictionaries have the same partitioning of keys... -0.28
List all keys in dictionaries which are inside a list. (Dictionary... +1.32
Is there a more compact way of writing these identical conditionals? 0.00
How to print the list of args and kwargs +0.36
Return from a while loop without exiting it python 0.00
Contain check in Enum values +0.36
Choose Lower and Uppercase randomly without adding it manually +1.24
Create a dictionary with length of elements in a list as keys -0.11
Class with **kwargs outputs: arg is not defined +0.36
list iterating exception so the loop keeps going, geocode +1.49