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Temani Afif

1649.51 (573rd)
101,522 (723rd)
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Title Δ
Styling a "spilled" content 0.00
How to align Bootstrap card row to bottom 0.00
Pure CSS - Using mask-image and radial-gradient to make diamond lik... 0.00
Grid elements grow at the same time in Tailwind CSS 0.00
What is the easiest way to position elements within a container to... 0.00
How to make CSS hexagon/honeycomb grid (based on set math equations... 0.00
Using CSS selectors, is it possible to differentiate between these... +0.30
Image previews in one line - in center and proportional 0.00
If two sibling inline elements are marked with vertical-align, what... 0.00
css - clip image and add border to fit in div 0.00
Flip linear-gradient when scrolling 0.00
How do I ensure that height: 0; includes padding as well? +0.30
How do you make a table column that never wraps and is auto width? +0.30
CSS animated SVG disappears when container gets too small 0.00
Is it necessary to use logical properties when values for all sides... 0.00
Orbit animation without element rotating 0.00
How to make grid rows and columns dynamic? 0.00
How to achieve thinner-thicker shadow effect 0.00
How to remove underline line when hovering a pseudo element inside... +1.01
How to reduce left margin of div if contained element's size is... 0.00
How can I get an image to be 100% width when there is a container s... +0.30
Is there a CSS-way to make text grow column-wise horizontally 0.00
How to make a child span the grid from the first to the last gap? 0.00
Add opacity on card but disable it on icon +0.29
Fixed content and scrolling sidebar, converting grid to flexbox 0.00
Prevent overflow:hidden from cutting text in the middle when using... 0.00
Creating seamless animation with CSS linear gradient -1.87
Adding a pixel value to a CSS percentage variable 0.00
CSS float bottom right 0.00
How can I apply styles to each character separately when they are i... -2.00
Why does the browser try to use an otherwise invalid property decla... 0.00
CSS Translate Z transition with perspective causes elements to skew... 0.00
Position element relative to its center +0.30
Multiplying rem units by a value to output deg units 0.00
How to "lock" an html radiobutton after selection? +0.66
How can I make this bucket where I can throw this ball into using css 0.00
Scrollable div inside a container with padding +0.30
Need help repurposing a CSS sliding text animation 0.00
Fit content and auto width in HTML table 0.00
How to make CSS outline cornered? 0.00
Change background color of div on click (CSS only) +0.83
Can't properly change image's color using svg filter 0.00
how to position a scroll_to_top button +0.85
animated linear gradient devouring CPU usage 0.00
CSS strange behavior with fading gradient from left to right and ri... 0.00
Awkward button positioning 0.00
grid fixed gap between rows when there are not enough items? 0.00
HTML rowspan conflict with css elements +0.30
Adjust percentage in nested divs so it fits a 12 cols system 0.00
How do I do it so that the path is stretched under the content? +0.30