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Temani Afif

1650.14 (543rd)
101,522 (723rd)
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How can I create attached shape using css or scss? 0.00
Flexbox items don't wrap in latest Safari and Chrome (using max... 0.00
Items inside flexbox container are flowing out of container 0.00
How can I draw a iregular shape of div and apply a shadow to it? 0.00
How to make a css transition from background size cover to 105% 105%? 0.00
is this supposed to work? top & bottom properties do accept % v... 0.00
How to increase size of object upwards and maintain its shape? 0.00
Timing for opacity keyframe animation 0.00
how to apply CSS alpha to the inherited background color? 0.00
How to make responsive to element triangle shape? 0.00
Is it possible to position overlay div on a horizontal scrollable c... 0.00
CSS: How can i manage overflow during css scale transform? 0.00
What is determining the height of these html tags? 0.00
Parent element backdrop-filter does not apply for its child 0.00
How to get a partial rounded border with border-radius using CSS? 0.00
How can I change the border radius of this hexagon shaped div witho... 0.00
Multi color progress bar with border-radius and different border co... 0.00
Flexbox, nested grid/child 0.00
Add empty space in p tag CSS 0.00
How to not let the potential scrollbar affect the padding? 0.00
How fill png image with css 0.00
CSS: how to have transparent background with the blend mode only af... 0.00
If a property receives a value from an internal stylesheet & in... 0.00
Fullcalendar apply border to highlight event 0.00
Remove white space in css grid 0.00
Did I understand the cubic-bezier() function correctly or am I miss... 0.00
Find a segment on a 3D cylinder/wheel based on a rotational angle u... 0.00
Repeating grid layout with unknown amount of items 0.00
How to show the background color from bottom of the circle using css? 0.00
Styling max-width for text area wrapper overlap the relative element 0.00
How to create variable columns and fill them up? 0.00
Radial gradient in shape of ring in CSS 0.00
CSS: how to create an infinitely-moving repeating linear gradient? 0.00
CSS 3D animated wheel off center 0.00
Why does text-align: center work on videos? 0.00
Using percents as multipliers with CSS calc() 0.00
Prevent flexbox to expand outside of viewport 0.00
How to align left the text? 0.00
How does grid-row: 1 / -1 actually work? (references needed) 0.00
CSS gradient within gradient 0.00
How to position a div with css based on the order of this div in a... 0.00
Is it possible to create a css based gradient on a fixed height sca... 0.00
CSS button positions stitched on background with responsive behaviour 0.00
Chrome Dev Tools RGBA/HSL Conversion to some new format 0.00
What does `min-height: max-content` mean? 0.00
Part of svg getting hidden after transformation 0.00
How can I display a background image on top of background color? 0.00
CSS animation to move eyes from left to right alternative 0.00
How to connect a child item in a tree-structure visualization with... 0.00
Flex: 100% height wrapper div doesn't work 0.00