An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1694.48 (172nd)
52,283 (1,891st)
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Title Δ
How to get JSON value from RestTemplate 0.00
constant-specific class bodies of enum in separate java file 0.00
Expect vs Assert in JUnit or other Java package +1.33
Extracting telephone numbers 0.00
How to call a 0-argument function repeatedly and collect the return... 0.00
If a class is already @Service, then does it need to be @Autowired... 0.00
When testing toString, why is calling toString required? 0.00
Cannot resolve method Character::hashCode in a Java stream +1.21
RegEx for passing 5.0 and failing 5.1 0.00
How to find entry point of a Spring Boot application? +0.23
StringJoiner remove delimeter from first position for every line +1.14
PowerMockito.mockStatic() but still getting NPE when static method... +0.40
java conversion: MultivalueMap<String,String> to Map<Strin... 0.00
gradle/groovy : calling a 'global' function from a custom C... 0.00
How to disable all tasks in a Gradle group? 0.00
How to write/put to a HashMap with two keys (Key-Pair, Value)? +0.25
When to use set and add methods in list +1.13
How I can use two dates parameters for two different between withou... 0.00
Gradle: Task with path not found in project +2.11
Intellij IDEA 2018.2.2 - Error "Could not find or load main cl... 0.00
Use Token in RestTemplate -0.77
convert json string to variables +0.25
Resttemplate not working if there is bad request 0.00
Add dependency and plugin in seperate file using "apply from&q... 0.00
Project with path ':projectA' could not be found in root pr... 0.00
How to set different status code for different type of Exception +0.25
Gradle root project depends on subprojects build 0.00
Add a secondary ObjectMapper in SpringBoot 0.00
Don't pass controller for method instantiating services 0.00
How to get version variable from build.gradle file into java spring... 0.00
Mapping JSON objects in Java +0.26
how to create an interface around classes that already exist but ca... +0.18
Gradle clean and copy JAR file +1.21
Return null point exception inside in Repositories - Spring Boot +0.25
GsonBuilder setPrettyPrinting doesn't print pretty +0.26
How to use parallel streaming safely in java? +0.96
Gradle nexus password in a file in Android Studio - create Global P... -0.74
Parse string using Java Regex Pattern? -2.25
How to use variable outside the task in gradle script 0.00
How to add static files to jar using Gradle build in Spring Boot +... 0.00
Gradle and spock few needed tests to run +0.24
asciidoctor task as part of gradle build 0.00
gradle war rename file regular exp not working 0.00
How to run JavaExec with out compile 0.00
Override Spring Starter Version version in gradle +0.25
gradle - create jar iteratively under a certain directory 0.00
Replace a resource file in a WAR file in Gradle 3.5 +0.99
How to set checkstyle configuration from Gradle in IDEA -0.24
Identifying the list of projects that have been invoked in gradle 0.00
How to define HashMap<String, List<Object>> property in... 0.00