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Romain Deneau

1450.86 (4,405,495th)
643 (220,399th)
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Title Δ
typescript tricky grammar in mixins 0.00
Index signature's not working when trying to compare values usi... 0.00
TypeScript: Issues using Partial<T> on a bounded generic type 0.00
Property type depending on type of other property 0.00
Type a recursive mapped type? 0.00
TypeScript Generic Factory Function Type, matching array element or... 0.00
TypeScript Generic Factory Function Type, matching array element or... 0.00
Typescript inheritance extend properties -3.42
What does the # symbol mean in a TypeScript class? -2.08
Express type composition in OOP +0.52
Wrapping an Overloaded Typescript Function -3.49
Is there a way to wrap external type definitions into module? -3.52
How to correctly implement strategy design pattern +4.45
how to apply a function type with generic to a function -1.11
Requesting help to understand & how to initiate a typescript ar... -1.27
Typescript check object by type or interface at runtime with typegu... -2.66
typescript dynamic types and generics 0.00
Typescript wrapping the object and proxying only some of the it'... -3.75
Type is not assignable to conditional type -3.67
show Tooltip only when the ellipsis is active 0.00
Is there way to delete a map object by the index value? Similar to... 0.00
Use typeof as a parameter type +0.82
Testing mapped type 0.00
Using Mapped Types to map an array of generic types to a different... -1.96
Getting nth parameter type from ConstructorParameters -3.76
Convert the function to use typescript types -2.27
Loop through class keys inside constructor? -3.48
Using a Map instance to return an array of distinct objects by prop... -3.57
javascript array slice functionality in javascript maps -0.51
Getting an Array of all items from an Enum in Typescript -2.08
How to avoid typescript transform unicode chars to ascii? 0.00
Extending type when extending an ES6 class with a TypeScript decora... +2.04
Cast object type to another type -3.04
Why cannot I use value in constant in custom type definition? -2.20
Typescript - how to omit properties so a subset can be transferred... -1.82
Typescript/Angular 5 - how to make sure function parameter is being... +4.09
How to define a const array in typescript -3.13
Cannot find namespace 'SchemaTypes' 0.00
Jest mock with TypeScript +1.00
Return Observable inside the Promise -3.78
Discriminated Union of Generic type -2.50
Does Typescript got a Map<> object? 0.00
How do I ensure typescript interface properties are uppercase after... -2.15
exporting enum from typescript type definition file -0.03
TypeScript handbook issue? +0.32
Writing .d.ts file so I can share constants with JavaScript and Typ... -1.78
Difference between classes and namespaces in typescript -4.38
Package without hard dependencies 0.00
Typescript generics, Type 'X' is not assignable to type ... -4.02
TypeScript Compiler: How to avoid compiler error when using Generics +4.31