An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1530.96 (17,270th)
5,994 (27,108th)
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Title Δ
I need to both resolve an error saving an object with "shelve&... 0.00
Need Regex help: It should not be start with numeric -2.36
Stylus Suddenly Not Working Under Node.js 0.00
Difference between 'int' and 'Integer' types -4.49
css "fixed" child element positions relative to parent el... 0.00
IE-Specific Javascript Load Error 0.00
Regex to match all https URLs except a certain path +3.71
What's a good low-impact way for me to preserve this expensive data... 0.00
Subversion Moving File -0.02
How does one populate a collection if the types of elements in it a... +1.44
Filter a list in Java +3.95
Accessing class array field -1.99
the current date of Java EE web application falls out on some days 0.00
Null Pointer Exception String null +1.95
Javascript Screwing-up Navigation in PrimeFaces-Based Page 0.00
Glassfish suddenly complaining of bogus port 0.00
Eclipse PHP editor suddenly broken -4.36
Finding the number of digits of an integer +2.87
Storing integer values as constants in Enum manner in java +3.99
Regex - how to make my regex not pass when the string is blank -1.96
Controlling Pioneer DVD-V5000 DVD Player via 9-Pin RS-232 Serial Port 0.00
Java, system command fails to run +3.83
Java Performance using Concurrency +2.49
Should Java methods be static by default? +2.75
Qualities of Code Reviewers +3.95
Check to see if element of one list exists in another list +4.43
High scores table +1.28
How to generate XML (in String representation) in java +0.20
Stop an input field in a form from being submitted -3.17
ArrayList issues. -1.17
Error when Eclipse started and now my package explorer is empty -4.27
How to do a random-and-unique generator? -0.67
Date Comparison using Java -2.50
Why should I pass Boolean as a parameter instead of "boolean&q... +3.84
A database of questions with unambiguous numeric answers +1.10
Best approach to creating a database driven Java website? +3.77
Is it possible for competing file access to cause deadlock in Java? -2.39
How can you edit a word document with Java +1.10
Good patterns for loose coupling in Java? +0.99
How to consume sunlight while programming in a cave? -0.72
StackOverFlowError in Java postfix calculator -4.20
Java or C++ for my particular agent-based model (ABM)? +2.16
When should I use "this" in a class? -0.09
Is it OK to write a constructor which does nothing? +2.42
How do I create a set of image files from a PowerPoint file file? +3.97
Batch file to java test -1.73
How does one create an enthusiastic development team? +0.85
Page Refresh problem -0.16
Changing input text value with Javascript doesn't change display +3.92
Are empty abstract classes a bad practice, and why? +0.40