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Salix alba

1465.17 (4,524,948th)
5,312 (31,075th)
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Title Δ
Shortest distance to cover all the (N+1) points. All the N points l... -0.13
Math.pow() in Java 8 and Java 13 returns different result +1.96
Adding unary operator to shunting yard algorithm -1.56
Choosing starting point in GNU Scientific Library multiroot finder 0.00
Is it possible to express "t" variable from Cubic Bezier... -1.12
Derive an exponential value from a for loop's index 0.00
Why are two different hashes being generated for the same subString... 0.00
mXparser result rounding +0.04
How to remove the 'click' between frequencies? -0.06
Unknown Output Characters in Arduino +0.55
is there a programming / math term for what the linear() function d... +0.54
How to get 4 corners of a of a mesh's surface (or a plane) that... 0.00
Tricky basic java operations -0.49
How can you find the nth digit in a fractal number 0.00
Is there a way to reformat equation to get unknown variable from fo... -0.38
Is there a simple way to invert an integer function that experience... 0.00
How can I make for loop with > 10^11 iterations faster? 0.00
closest point on a box to a line +0.43
find cube root using limited math operators +0.75
Is it custumary to convert from infix to postfix and then build an... 0.00
Why do 3D rotation matrix methods typically use a separate vector a... +0.68
Safely generate random numbers between some range in Java -0.47
Height/Elevation of a pixel from ground in Google Street View 0.00
how i get a coordinate of each rectangle? -1.65
avrdude: stk500_loadaddr protocol error Arduino uno GSM module SIM8... 0.00
Get minimum Euclidean distance between a given vector and vectors i... -0.45
Why is my mortgage calculator showing incorrect decimal placement? -1.04
I want to map a bunch of planes onto a sphere it works but with som... 0.00
How to simplify a mathematical formula by reducing it as much as po... -1.92
fractional volume of hyperbox 0.00
How can I maintain probability across multiple executions in Java -1.63
Inverse Kendall's Tau 0.00
Math equations support in xhtml to pdf conversion in Java 0.00
Math expression simplify for least operations 0.00
Excel formula: unnecessary extra steps in SUMIF process 0.00
How can I obtain from n a number which raised to the power of itsel... +1.35
Do anyone know how to raytrace NURBS of degree 2? 0.00
How can I quickly generate all permutations of a string in Ruby? -1.18
Draw from equation 0.00
Rotate a matrix(2D Array) by 45 degrees in c++ 0.00
Number of triangles with N points inside +0.54
Girko's Circular Law using matlab 0.00
Group parallel (similiar) polylines together -1.42
Solving Huffman Code Tree 0.00
Creating an asinh (inverse hyperbolic sine) scale in d3.js v4 -0.44
Implementing Hough transform line detection in 2D coordinate system +0.54
How to map a sphere to a tetrahedron? 0.00
Why is a lerp function written like this: (1 - bias) * start + bias... -1.66
Making a circle using lines in java 0.00
How to get random numbers OUT of Dieharder test suite? -1.90