An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.27 (39,041st)
2,659 (63,246th)
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How can I make Eclipse (or javac) warn about over-inclusive throws... +4.11
Approach uses ALTER TABLE to add new columnsin in sqlite. How to se... +3.87
How can a single installer 'Setup.exe' be used to install m... 0.00
Where are the global Lint settings stored? 0.00
filenotfoundexception and file exists -2.20
How to use setOnItemClickListener and setOnTouchListener both in Gr... 0.00
Eclipse shortcut to always run the same project +2.19
Android Intent Object Extra Losing Primitive Values in Destination... -0.07
Android dialog bar during listview -0.40
Change datasource of Telerik RadGrid on DropDownList change event 0.00
Working on Android development in eclipse, I'm getting a "must... 0.00
set the default locale as arabic in android app start 0.00
Hibernate sql grammar exception when query has too long insert para... -4.39
What Is The Git Link On A Remote Repository 0.00
MD5 Generates 31 character hash in Java +3.88
Cannot refer to a non-final variable inside an inner class defined... +3.87
Xcode Instruments unable to take snapshots of leaks when running on... 0.00
Android Auto Scrolling EditText Hint 0.00
linux command for store frequently used commands -3.81
Java autocomplete messes up end of line typing in Eclipse 0.00
Implement keyDown in android 0.00
Start an intent based on Handler handle message 0.00
Why doesn't the console prompt for an input? +2.72
working xml disappeared in emulator or phone 0.00
Reloading activities in android -0.09
Parse exception with simpleDate Format +4.23
Why is my progress bar not centered vertically? -2.16
Servlet Mapping. Web.xml +3.90
Infinite calling some function after certain time +4.13
java me: How to clear a file 0.00
Android - Eclipse Fast View Not Dismissing LogCat with Escape 0.00
Gson and arrays +0.45
Facebook SDK: Create Project from existing source is empty +3.99
load data infile import not working and none of the other topics he... 0.00
Create MySQL Database with .SQL File 0.00
Android Application life cycle and singelton +3.79
How to auto-increment build number of Android project in Eclipse (p... +1.42
How to add views dynamically to a RelativeLayout already declared i... -1.50
android: application crash when i hit back button (activitygroup +... -1.71
Create android project from existing source in eclipse +3.60
How do you select a column using Hibernate? 0.00
Getting the value of a select box after another select box has been... -0.89
Java find and compare members by string (maybe JPA feature?) -2.77
Cancel a dialog created using AlertDialog.Builder +0.78
What the overhead of Java ORM for MongoDB +0.39
What does the type option in the hibernate console wizard do? 0.00
Wrestling with Eclipse-modified .classpath in a Mixed Windows/Mac T... -1.81
Android-How to create custom dialog/alert -2.99
Running Android project through Eclipse +3.72
Android packaging error - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 0.00