An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1475.80 (4,509,420th)
1,074 (145,741st)
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Title Δ
Replace duplicate values using multiple conditions in r +0.35
Passing query as variable to Rmarkdown sql chunk -3.37
Insetting recursive lists with Magrittr piping 0.00
Referencing factor levels created by addNA -2.66
Dplyr, filter and SE +4.23
Keyboard shortcut difficulty with RSTudio on Windows 10 0.00
Using plyr and generic functions to operate on each column of a dat... 0.00
Replace matches according to the pattern that was matched +0.61
R- Replace all values in rows of dataframe after first NA by NA -3.51
Referring to previous row in calculation -2.67
How to subtract two columns in same dataframe with same columns hea... 0.00
More performant use of fasttime +4.33
Adding progress bar or percentage to tune function in R -3.66
Is there a straightforward way to convert a date to long form text... -3.85
Dollar operator as function argument for sapply not working as expe... -1.61
Assigning value to a specific column and row in R -4.24
R Multiply second dimension of 3D Array by a Vector for each of the... -2.28
Obtain most recent value by date for each group at observation level 0.00
Count cumulative unique factors separated by semicolon Grouped by N... -3.71
Data.table summary statistics from n first observations per group 0.00
How to recode a continuous variable into Ranges 0.00
R Loop to subset large data frame and give multiple row output -4.02
R: Subset data frame based on multiple values for multiple variables 0.00
Given an array of size N I need to find the min number of values th... +1.11
mapreduce vs other parallel processing solutions 0.00
Fastest way to share data between processors residing on different... +0.27
How to profile OpenMP bottlenecks -2.91
(float) in c / c++ -0.55
no parallel threads with openMP +3.96
openMP histogram comparison 0.00