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Louis Wasserman

1680.98 (236th)
151,431 (375th)
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Title Δ
How to override inherited getter from java class in a kotlin compan... 0.00
Java stream question, mapToInt and average method +0.20
How to translate following comparator into Comparator.comparing? +0.24
Guava: Copy-Constructor for graphs 0.00
Deserialized Set different hash code than before serializing +0.26
Kotlin - type mismatch with generic return type and subclass -0.25
java Output does not match input for variables 0.00
Initialization of object in Java 0.00
How can I collect only the elements of the greatest length with Jav... -0.23
Is it possible the inorder traversal be the same order as the post-... +0.26
Why is Streams.allMatch(in Java8) trying to evaluate all the expres... +1.08
How to print a java Set of Sets elements in sorted order? +0.27
Java shallow copy, not working as expected +0.71
StringBuffer not giving ClassCastException when trying to add in a... -2.45
Why will my exception not print out its print statement? (Java) -0.64
Refactor switch statement - using an object vs primitive data type -0.49
Interface, all methods must be abstract, but one? +1.01
How to sum elements from a Key List using ListMultimap from Guava 0.00
What's the basic (not immediate) backing data structure used by... 0.00
LinkedHashSet implementations of HashTable and LinkedList? 0.00
Android studio , Isnt this the correct way of retrieving a string f... 0.00
Why is String conversion not a type of Numeric Promotion? 0.00
Does size) al... 0.00
How can I map the elements of the Lists created by the Collectors.g... 0.00
How to call a method via reflection, and provide a method as param 0.00
Is there anyway to convert hex string value into long? 0.00
Java streams, create custom stateful operation 0.00
How to get the value without round up/down in Java? -0.73
How to get name from Java enum in Kotlin +0.27
Accessing the Element Type of a Generic Collection that Acts as an... 0.00
Implementing an Upper Bounded Generic Method 0.00
How can I call a protected variable in a subclass method in an equa... +0.25
How to pass Class variable of generic type in Java? +0.85
How to initialize static final variables based on cmd args? +1.04
Why is CompletableFuture join/get faster in separate streams than u... -1.11
Loop through HashSet of Objects Java 0.00
Create list of certain size in Java from SortedSet 0.00
Why does the methods doesn't compile 0.00
How java erasure decided which cast to make to return type? 0.00
Kotlin Coroutines vs CompletableFuture +0.26
Same results for Encoding, but different results for hashing 0.00
How to convert vararg to list? -0.24
Does the instruction istore start at index 1 in the main method? 0.00
Java: how to compress a byte[] using ZipOutputStream without interm... 0.00
Make method of class using generics be able to return both its own... 0.00
kotlin coroutines: possible without standard library? -2.51
hashCode and equals with a list property -2.70
Enforce error type with Result monad comprehension 0.00
Implementing Iterable vs implementing Iterator 0.00
How to cache data via Guava Cache using available memory as paramet... +0.26