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1442.25 (4,407,226th)
99,061 (751st)
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Title Δ
Why are only mutable variables accessible in nested functions? 0.00
Correct way to pass NSError from URLSession 0.00
What does diamond operator do when we need one more parameter in ge... 0.00
Objective C++ how to check if a class is defined at run time? 0.00
How can I pass an array to a function that cannot modify it? -0.43
Swift: Keep assignment made in closure +0.08
Bounded Type Parameters in Static Method 0.00
What is the difference between Java vararg with direct type vs wild... -0.71
PHP - why does passing by reference use the same amount of memory? -0.17
What's the difference between Java 8 and Java 7 related to gene... +1.32
Programmatically calling for an action of button results in NSInval... +0.82
Memory usage of pass by value vs. pass by reference +0.11
Generic Wildcards with Map -0.81
Why does the "this" keyword print exactly what toString()... -1.40
Create array of generic type of class -0.17
Why can I declare a generic array but not initialize it? +2.81
Get .class Object of Generic Class -0.42
Closures captures value types 0.00
Is there escaping closure/callback in objective -C 0.00
How come .getClass forces me to use extends? 0.00
Why is a wild card type argument not within bounds in wrapper aroun... 0.00
java generics classcastexception 0.00
How to cretae instance of Interface conform to protocol as of type... 0.00
Objective-C: initialization of blocks stored in collections -0.31
Misaligned pointer use with std::shared_ptr<NSDate> dereference -0.42
PHP pass by reference bug? -0.41
How to create a deep copy of a generic array of primitive data types? 0.00
ClassCastException when trying to create an array of a class with t... +1.60
Why block type is different in array? 0.00
Unchecked cast: 'java.lang.Class<capture<?>>' t... -0.42
How to initialize a variable of type java.lang.Class to Collection... 0.00
Why did Apple design __block for write auto var in block? 0.00
why iterating a received generic HashMap can only be done with enha... -0.72
why UIView variables could not create retain cycle problem? +0.51
EnumSet class, get element type at runtime 0.00
Semantics of evaluating lambdas 0.00
Array type erasure +2.51
Why does closure capture reference while function does not? Also, w... +0.09
Memory issue with block, when it is transferred from swift to objec... -0.41
Objective-c (c#): calling (void) method while -init 0.00
Why is creating an array in a outer parameterized class with a comp... 0.00
How to specify generic type when the type is only known at runtime? 0.00
Type safety: The expression of type Map[] needs unchecked conversio... -0.19
Eclipse - why infer generic suggested for Java's array 0.00
What is the use of Clonaeable interface in java? 0.00
Self referencing record types in Standard ML -0.51
I have a about iOS Block modifiers and scopes and need help. Descri... +1.20
dealing with autoreleased objects within dispatch_sync 0.00
Force subclass to override method with itself as parameter -1.31
Return concrete object to generic method with generic Map parameter... -1.61