An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1441.26 (4,534,339th)
99,061 (751st)
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Title Δ
In Objective-c++, is there a way to move static c functions to anot... 0.00
How does one manage a self-referring cross-scope lambda? -0.94
How would memory be allocated in Java for an array of Generic Objec... +0.33
How to obtain type reference parameterized by the input class arg? -0.67
Python - bound variable scope to closure +0.65
How to filter array of generic values in java and make it return ge... -0.48
How to allocate an array of inner class in Java? +0.58
Generic <T extends Comparable<T>, V extends T> is V req... 0.00
Implementing Comparable interface for a generic class with Type par... +0.53
Is there any issue if local std::function out of its "life&quo... +0.46
How to write a generic function which accepts arrays of literals +0.59
Why are only mutable variables accessible in nested functions? 0.00
Correct way to pass NSError from URLSession -1.25
What does diamond operator do when we need one more parameter in ge... -0.79
Objective C++ how to check if a class is defined at run time? 0.00
How can I pass an array to a function that cannot modify it? -0.43
Swift: Keep assignment made in closure +0.08
Bounded Type Parameters in Static Method 0.00
What is the difference between Java vararg with direct type vs wild... -0.71
PHP - why does passing by reference use the same amount of memory? -0.17
What's the difference between Java 8 and Java 7 related to gene... +1.32
Programmatically calling for an action of button results in NSInval... +0.82
Memory usage of pass by value vs. pass by reference +0.11
Generic Wildcards with Map -0.81
Why does the "this" keyword print exactly what toString()... -1.40
Create array of generic type of class -0.17
Why can I declare a generic array but not initialize it? +2.81
Get .class Object of Generic Class -0.42
Closures captures value types 0.00
Is there escaping closure/callback in objective -C 0.00
How come .getClass forces me to use extends? 0.00
Why is a wild card type argument not within bounds in wrapper aroun... 0.00
java generics classcastexception 0.00
How to cretae instance of Interface conform to protocol as of type... 0.00
Objective-C: initialization of blocks stored in collections -0.31
Misaligned pointer use with std::shared_ptr<NSDate> dereference -0.42
PHP pass by reference bug? -0.41
How to create a deep copy of a generic array of primitive data types? 0.00
ClassCastException when trying to create an array of a class with t... +1.60
Why block type is different in array? 0.00
Unchecked cast: 'java.lang.Class<capture<?>>' t... -0.42
How to initialize a variable of type java.lang.Class to Collection... 0.00
Why did Apple design __block for write auto var in block? 0.00
why iterating a received generic HashMap can only be done with enha... -0.72
why UIView variables could not create retain cycle problem? +0.51
EnumSet class, get element type at runtime 0.00
Semantics of evaluating lambdas 0.00
Array type erasure +2.51
Why does closure capture reference while function does not? Also, w... +0.09
Memory issue with block, when it is transferred from swift to objec... -0.41