An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1740.04 (50th)
442,831 (56th)
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Title Δ
How to avoid dots in VS2008 +3.84
Reversing a string in C +3.46
Do you put conditional code on a new line or only sometimes? +2.82
What does it mean to instantiate an object using curly braces in C++? -2.45
How to design a threading package for an OO language? +4.05
How to create a thread in a class? +3.81
Finding Big-O with multiple nested loops? +1.31
Why compiler is not giving error when signed value is assigned to u... +4.42
VC++ compiler and type conversion? +0.01
strict aliasing 0.00
Copy constructor initialization lists +4.15
Simulating a car moving along a track +2.87
Returning Large Objects in Functions +1.49
Is the practice of returning a C++ reference variable, evil? +4.27
C++ syntax question +1.71
C array declaration and assignment? +0.72
C++ dll in C program -3.51
Is this IF statement nested, or not? +3.49
C function to convert a raw image to png -1.72
Locking focus and capture to a specific window 0.00
Read a line of input faster than fgets? -1.97
how to iterate in reverse over a map in c++ 0.00
Can an application depend on two different versions of libstdc++? -3.98
Why are references not reseatable in C++ +2.95
Does memory stay allocated when a C++ thread exits? -1.93
Stack-based palindrome checker -1.64
Linking error in C++ - implementing a indexList -0.61
method running on an object BEFORE the object has been initialised? -0.18
Correct place to initialize class variables? +0.56
How do I access a C++ subscript operator from within the class in w... +0.51
Are C++ Templates just Macros in disguise? 0.00
How can I reverse the ON bits in a byte? 0.00