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Rating Stats for

Domenik Reitzner

1494.83 (4,279,995th)
1,284 (125,083rd)
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Title Δ
Date format with mvc date object not working with Angular JS 0.00
How to access HTML within custom tags in Angular JS? -0.24
html link to css isnt showing styles 0.00
Plug angularjs directive into component 0.00
Foundation one grid column width for all viewport? +0.09
nth-child(1) affect to all DIVs -0.49
CSS transform, push/pull surrounding elements -0.57
Jquery function for every array value +1.33
How to delay my javascript code until a JSON file is loaded? -0.45
Image between SVG 0.00
HTML code tag is not recognized by $_POST in PHP but text area work... 0.00
How to add a string to Ajax Response in success function? JQuery -0.24
CSS absolute pixel height for div with flex childs 0.00
ES6 Promise then follows catch but catch never gets called 0.00
Fetch a string between a static pattern in HTML -0.56
jQuery get the <select> value rather than the selected <op... +4.05
Using CSS, how can i target a content which has a class applied on... -3.41
CSS/JS/Jquery - Flex items for responsive screen sizes -1.21
Display the value of a selected option outside the input field in C... -1.14
Input field to the next line with CSS or JavaScript without alterin... +0.03
Sendgrid email renders differently on Gmail and Microsoft Outlook 0.00
VueJS trigger an event when a field is in focus +0.11
HTML file seems to be ignoring javascript file -1.77
Html not wrapping properly -3.86
Converting form number field value structure 0.00
Image Base64 string to Uint8ClampedArray -4.13
Stop execute ajax in for loop +0.15
How do I create a responsive fluid CSS grid -0.08
How to use regular expression to keep four digit decimal? -2.12
How to get an attribute of element by jquery -3.51
Slow regex with python and javascript but fast to fail in go and php -1.21
Convert comma separate string to Key value object jQuery -3.86
table td element wrapping under wrong column -0.20
How can I pass multiple dropdown values as URL parameters? -2.14
Hide a column in datatable 0.00
Align item inside block displayed with flexbox 0.00
How to reverse a negative Number in JavaScript? -2.41
Angular style background image url + linear gradient +3.74
BING Maps REST API using PHP -4.30
Why does the same CSS grid code give different layouts on different... 0.00
how do i remove elements in an array while iterrating +1.36
IE11: <link> not working +3.73
How to change width of height of SVG with CSS? -4.16
Two div on the same line +0.14
ajax.responseText to paragraph 0.00
click event for dynamic content not triggering in first click -0.05
HTML adjust four images in CSS box +3.83
draggable div to stay in position when scrolling page 0.00
Input range slider animation CSS 0.00
vscode beautify remove custom space format 0.00