An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1505.90 (117,276th)
922 (163,909th)
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Title Δ
friend operator<< of a template class, with additional defaul... 0.00
Implications of T[n] vs T* style array in a class member +3.70
Hybrid programming of Fortran and C++: Fortran can not call C++ sub... 0.00
How to handle spaces in Boost::program_options config files for cus... -0.03
In the counting sort why we must store the cumulative sum of the el... +0.83
for loop in Linux treats pattern as filename when no files exist -2.71
Template getID calling regular getID 0.00
Directly call system command from SLURM/SGE -4.45
c++ initialize 2d vector with a new class ; default value change 0.00
How to send Boolean datatype through mpi c++? -4.26
Scope a using declaration, inside a header -3.09
Why does S have to be const in this code? +4.81
What causes this weird behavior with throwing destructors during un... 0.00
Iterate over non-const variables in C++ +4.44
c++ macro to import all names of base template class 0.00
git rebase squash messes up branches history -0.10
Can I "import" one namespace into another in the header? +2.27
How do I count lines which specific column has two patterns? -4.10
Insert into boost::program_options::variables_map by index operator +3.89
What does this strange construction "{} \;" means? +3.95
How to Copy array of vectors, using = raises error Expression:trans... +4.58
How do handle varying array sizes as arguments for a function? +0.17
Overload resolution doesn't choose template when arguments are... +0.16
Check if template method exists without relying on automated templa... 0.00
Viewing the contents of a .h5 file 0.00
Can I rely on the compiler finding and optimizing simple boolean lo... -4.61
Should I also include string.h even it exists in header file? -2.97
C++ Multidimensional array in existing memory -0.87
I need to know the explanation of this sentence in c++ " b = (... -2.64
Execute and finish of methods +4.71
Double pointer **src and operation (*(*src)++ = reg_offset) +4.36
C++ make function return array cross file +4.20
Minimum Spanning Tree using Dijkstra algorithm 0.00
composition constructor get variable from member variables 0.00
Using the output of a php script in a bash script 0.00
How to convert a template type to string if it can be a string too? +0.08
Getting template derive class's value from base class pointer -3.97
Subtract number from enumerated file names +3.93
Bash -c argument passing to find -1.86
move some files from a git repository to a new one 0.00
bash: trigger output on stdout 0.00
Run command on pair of files (different file types) with matching c... +2.45
#define not recognised by library 0.00
how to turn a vector into a matrix C++ vec2mat +4.12
How to read the files from one directory and give the file as input... -3.85
STL vector containing vector causing segfault -0.10
How to capture a password in PAM application 0.00
Check if all elements of a cv::mat are positive or equal to 0 +0.31
Storing an boost multi_index index iterator 0.00
Calculate time differences from different columns - bash -1.74