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1468.55 (4,521,471st)
7,902 (19,990th)
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Title Δ
Returns the total number of words in the text of a file 0.00
KeyError when shifting column data back 1 -1.04
How can I add the current date to my database table using php -1.07
strlen() dosn't count with if/else statments 0.00
Populate table with JSON coming from C# DataSet 0.00
Python can't return function value? -0.91
Why is Python showing 'ValueError: could not convert string to... +1.57
Extract Number from Varying String +0.24
unknown column in field list, column is really there +0.17
Counting duplicate dates in sql -1.89
Join to replace sub-query +0.29
Use a trigger to get a value 0.00
fetch one row from oci8 oracle database +0.14
T-SQL regarding current sales and previous sales +0.04
how to use multiple url variables in php echo statement +0.41
Private members in javascript +1.18
How to convert month name array to number array -0.01
Create jQuery array +0.14
How to get auto + javascript input fields 0.00
PHP Pdo no column names in array -1.10
Is creating a table for the last 30 days efficient or is there a be... +0.88
Errors Constructing Innerjoins 0.00
why doesnt my php code for post method work? +0.24
checking for email address in mysql db -0.41
$_GET is not working with radio buttons -1.49
mysql query: if expiry date = current date + redirect at login? +0.07
Hide posts based on tags using a checkbox in wordpress? 0.00
I have 2 php files, and I want to pass a variable from one to anoth... 0.00
PHP - Load vars from file to php variables -1.92
Zend - Catchable fatal error -0.77
Installing Modules from within a python program -0.47
MySQL query not executing properly PHP -0.70
Remove characters in PHP using regular expressions +0.06
Filtering by date range in SQL query +0.04
Unable to return results for MySQL query +0.06
How to use numbers from a js file in the css sheet? +1.29
Inline <style> tags vs. inline css properties -0.58
Difference between adding separate table rows and using rowspan 0.00
Why does the browser become unresponsive after multiple events usin... -1.67
SQL: Need assistance with this query -0.43
converting a SQL server date time to mysql date time +1.31
jQuery - add class to li, remove from others with default +2.40
Loading table column names with spaces with ms sql in php +0.54
PHP I am getting an error with this code +0.57
python os.system error: "global name 'output' is not defined&q... +2.61
Add space between <li> elements -0.48
Split string into an array -1.02
How can I make a PHP counter? +0.26
Can spl_autoload be placed in another file? +0.05
Multi SELECT SQL statement -0.48