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1486.90 (4,330,635th)
7,627 (20,741st)
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Title Δ
feeding special characters using awk system into python sys.argv -1.40
print if timestamp is greater than a minute -1.36
Regex for extracting city from comma separated address -0.75
How to search a string with parentheses using regular expression? -2.00
how to split file extention using regex -0.63
How to add space for 4th field in a file with unix shell script -1.74
Regex function to find all and only 6 digit numeric string ignoring... +0.57
Regex - If not match then match this - Python +0.51
Split the String with special character 0.00
Regex Issue: Difference between 'seconds?' and 'second(... -1.73
Regex for any number of numbers including dots followed by whitespa... -0.98
Need a Regex that includes all char after expression +0.80
unexpected result by cutting the last column with sed -1.74
How do I get all words that begin with a capital letter following a... -0.13
regular expression for excluding filename +2.33
How to extract request parameter from $request? -0.03
Remove outermost parentheses +0.21
Transpose rows to columns keeping some rows as reference in shell -0.95
How can we remove word with repeated single character? -0.81
Regex to extract hashtags with two dot-separated parts -0.01
How to get all matching iterations for a capture group -1.49
Deleting N matching patterns using sed, awk, perl etc -1.79
what I need to change in my code to get my output like this [None,... -2.05
RegEx for matching specific numeric patterns -1.15
How to get lines from the last match to the end of file? +1.72
How do I convert a string to a dictionary which appears to already... +0.66
How to group by one column and divide the numbers in second column... +1.26
sed: How to join the lines of a record with an empty line delimitin... +1.79
sed is misbehaving when replacing certain regular expressions 0.00
Regex to extract name from a string +0.89
How to remove multiple, repeating ranges of lines from a csv file? +1.44
find a regular express in python +2.35
Sed/Awk: how to insert text in a series pattern in a line +1.98
RegEx for capturing particular digits -1.15
Modify repeating word/text in XML based on matching text/parameters? +0.45
Inconsistency with re.findall method +0.01
Remove code blocks in Markdown file using SED command +2.68
Remove spaces between single character in string +2.76
RegEx for extracting scattered numbers in a string -0.86
How to keep spaces when removing duplicates with for loop? +2.28
Why does Regex finditer only return the first result 0.00
How to get value without subdata? -2.16
How to sort by name through Jquery? +0.01
find following partialy duplicated lines in a file 0.00
Remove a string from a URL between AND after two different characte... +0.53
How to ignore file with .<numberic>.ext in git? -1.78
How to change a pattern like XX1/XXSomething/XX1/Something to XXSom... -1.03
How to extract the first two column and then delete partial info in... -1.79
Replace numbers in a word by a char +0.51
When does the "==" operator successfully compare strings? +1.68