An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Andreas Grapentin

1519.57 (32,749th)
3,830 (43,813th)
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Title Δ
Input string of unknown length -0.02
errExit not available in CLion? 0.00
GCC no reorder stack variables 0.00
How to make a C assignment depending on order of operands +0.21
Makefile no rule for target 0.00
How to download and install Microsoft's Visual Studio C/C++ com... -2.03
Segmentation fault possible from code within false conditional block? 0.00
Unknown error when setting thread policy to SCHED_RR 0.00
Is it OK/pythonic to separate a class' attribute and the method... +0.29
Why is the computing of the value of pi using the Machin Formula gi... -1.81
Pass an __init__ value from a higher class into a subclass requirin... -2.49
Joining int in python as a list +0.80
How to solve unresolved external symbol error - if_nametoindex in v... 0.00
Alternatives for strrspn and strfind functions(libgen functions in... 0.00
How to return a 16 bit value as 64 bit? 0.00
How to efficiently read environment parameters from file, to be use... -4.13
C shmat in function -4.56
Segmentation fault when calling crypt function in C +5.37
How to run method present in a file from the main method present in... +3.68
Changing background color bugs the program? (ncurses) 0.00
Speed up compiled programs using runtime information like for examp... +3.52
Codeblocks int main previously defined here +0.08
C strcmp fails to compare with space +4.47
What's a good system test for keeping a deadline? 0.00
Equivalent of std::pair in C -1.32
Data from accelerometer 0.00
Why are local variables not set to zero? +3.14
Magic number in reflected gray code to binary conversion 0.00
Makefile: up to date 0.00
How to merge commits till a certain point 0.00
Timed Event Priority Queue with PHP and MySQL 0.00
What goes to the __init_array? 0.00
Some better Loop exiter than feof() +0.11
Example of very CPU-intensive C function under 5 lines of code +5.44
Return two values with pop function from priority queue +1.50
Store a struct in a file using fwrite +2.51
Generating C code for functions of different signatures, but same i... -1.32
Makefile:1: *** missing separator. Stop -4.29
C Programing: File reader format conversion Error 0.00
Unexpected run time difference +4.09
An alternative for the deprecated __malloc_hook functionality of gl... +4.03
continously allocate the memory to crash the system and how to bloc... -2.64
Command line assignment in arguments -0.95
Autotools - passing optional profiling library to configure script -0.04
gvim pid in $! different to wmctrl list 0.00
chars to 2´s complement in C +2.86
qsort structure array deletes everything -2.70
C/Fortran hybrid code using MPI/ScaLAPACK seg faults in a weird way -1.39
File managment in C -1.71
How to include the command "wget" on my C source code? -0.27