An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1524.46 (23,027th)
6,131 (26,488th)
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Title Δ
How capture derivated this in base class into lambda function? 0.00
How to replace Qthread with QtConcurrent 0.00
QSqlRelationalTable How to display value from other table in a colu... 0.00
Private overriden virtual functions in derived class -0.18
Accessing struct data members via pointer arithmetic -0.72
"Not a directory" when writing kernel configurations 0.00
Input widget in QApplication in a dedicated thread causes QTimer to... +1.76
c++ singleton implementation Meyer's vs call_once 0.00
Arduino WiFi ESP8266 log data with conditions fails -0.16
How to calculate where an indexed value in a 3d array will be in me... +0.07
Qt call java method with more than 1 argument 0.00
How can I adjust the size of a QDialog according to its title length? 0.00
Change label text for some duration +0.47
Should I create a new QDomDocument on the heap? +1.67
How to find two unsigned char in QByteArray +0.05
Qt inheritance and classes constructors confusion 0.00
Is it possible to remove "Write to PDF" from QPrinter dia... 0.00
how to set QTextEdit color when the text is found or selected? -0.54
Determine whether SQLite database is locked 0.00
Worker/Controller multi-threading and interface class 0.00
trying to use CSS filter: brighness() on a QPushButton icon on hove... 0.00
Can't compile dlib with Qt (mingw32 x64) -0.03
How to add path in qt .pro file via DEFINE 0.00
QML Force window to be shown on first screen +0.46
Color merge problem upon drawing ellipses above lines in Qt -2.13
How to display dynamic circle using QPainter in Qt Creator 0.00
Create a C++ template function that will return an std::array of a... 0.00
Overloading a function with std::enable_if to avoid template substi... -0.85
Pass 2d Array from c++ to qml -1.87
Reading a file with getline function, but first column appears empty +1.79
How to display QtChartView in window with other widgets? +0.47
Is it possible to make a timing function which can call a function... +1.44
Issue with QVTKWidget in Qt Ros workspace 0.00
How to link external DLLs properly in Qt creator 0.00
How do I find if an integer is palindrome or not? +1.06
How to send JSON with QTcpSocket +2.01
Qt: How do I stack widgets to do a transition between them, by fadi... 0.00
QFileDialog: folder name appears twice under windows 0.00
Netbeans Qt not building 0.00
Moving a value of object to another but avoid copying -1.45
LLRP integration with QT giving error "Skipping incompatible /... 0.00
How to return a boolean for whether or not a QUrl redirects? 0.00
qmake - changes in configuration are not detected and the library d... 0.00
QMake - pass variable to child projects -2.37
How to write Q_INVOKABLE function with optional parameter? -1.62
Qt Creator error when include boost C++ header 0.00
TriState QAction in QMenu 0.00
Global functions or macros to get Qt version in QML code 0.00
FreeImage wrong image color 0.00
Play a video Url in a qwidget Qt 0.00