An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Andreas Louv

1591.01 (2,240th)
36,522 (3,093rd)
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Title Δ
Generate a separate CSV record for each array element +0.34
Why aren't wildcards expanded in the assignment part of an expo... -1.16
Basic Bash Function to find and copy files based on filetype 0.00
Conditional expression with exclamation mark works only with double... 0.00
How to get Grunt CLI to return only the exit code? -0.63
javascript get a data in sting -2.17
How to prevent the standard git merge editor from being used in the... 0.00
vim how to combine lines containing same id +1.80
Javascript: Convert map to array of objects +1.05
Git hook permission denied 0.00
How to remove % from the string only if the % is present in first o... -0.14
How to delete block of code inside curly brackets? +1.88
Use awk to count all rows that match 2 header patterns +1.32
NodeJS - rl.on() - read multiple numbers in multiple lines 0.00
awk: How to get the whole string from a lookup file -1.81
awk: How to get the whole string from a lookup file +2.19
awk create a list for testing elements -1.21
How to split a huge .CSV file into n smaller files when an index in... +0.67
pattern check using awk +1.75
Using function parameters in a bash script alias +1.13
Python regex timer improvement +0.40
Why doesn't the add wait for the timeout promise to resolve? +1.89
Regex match last word in string ending in -1.86
Bash: Bad subtitution error in a for loop - git tags +2.73
How to loop a .txt file line by line and wait for key board press t... 0.00
AWK: 2 columns 2 files display where second column has unique data +1.53
How to print specific section from a file if that section has the s... -0.71
Capitalize first letter of string in Makefile using bash 4 syntax 0.00
echo bash variable in node spawn command 0.00
BASH SHELL: Search function is not giving correct result +0.57
Replace the second entry in all lines containing a specific string... -0.63
Shell Script - Search for a multiline pattern and delete record if... +0.32
Extract lines between two patterns from a file, not including the e... -2.06
How to generate unique ids on a repeated function? 0.00
How to print digits with thousand separator? +0.55
replace multi line text with multiline text in sed and perl -2.28
How to jq print key (not value of key) and iterate over keys to pri... 0.00
Find replace string before and after -0.15
Remove footer from Vertica's Copy Script 0.00
bash - sed query to edit yaml file +0.12
How can I delete partially duplicate lines with sed? +1.21
How do I use quotes in sed within quotes? +1.52
Merging output of two awk acripts into 1 file 0.00
Subtract corresponding lines +1.31
what is the best way to interchange 2 words in a file in bash +0.84
(L)unix - split then filter, sending the result to stdout 0.00
Compare two files, and keep only if first word of each line is the... +2.05
How can I parse the nvidia-smi output using in bash and use the par... -2.01
Remove part of the string from beginning of the line up to certain... +1.36
Using Sed to get the 12th character from the third line of a file -0.63