An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1501.36 (398,423rd)
3,795 (44,235th)
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Title Δ
Entity Framework entity how to set ID and foreign key constraint? +4.03
Call webAPI method synchronously 0.00
How to compile less/sass files in Visual Studio 2017 -3.86
Visual Studio debugging with windows auth not working 0.00
Manupulating user input (Mathmatical) +1.18
Adding the value of session variable to the inner Html of a span tag 0.00
Have visual studio break on exceptions only within certain calls 0.00
IIS Maximum Concurrent Connections 0.00
logical thread vs physical thread +3.70
Code Reuse Verses Database Access Duration -4.00
Ajax webmethod, returning JSOn data -4.24
Input string was not in a correct format and how to learn c# +2.44
Adding Service Reference with SSL 0.00
html5 - I can block resize of my page? 0.00
Setting Default Value of TextBlock when binding to Boolean Property +0.58
How to set the url on a page? +3.72
Cannot implicitly convert type 'double' to 'RadTextBox' -2.19
Calculate big O -4.16
Regex from textbox string issue 0.00
How do I write the escape char '\' to code -1.13
Data tables header width/alignment issue 0.00
Having trouble with return values for user-defined Functions +3.45
Re-Use object added to EF 0.00
How to set one ObservableCollection to another ObservableCollection? -4.11
Find Min DateTime and Assign DateTime to Local Variable +0.15
Writing to XML using XDocument, but knowing where to write 0.00
Learning C# and objects inside of methods are confusing me -2.30
What are the different commands available for nuget package manager... 0.00
How do I write a method that can take either a DataGridView or a Li... -2.15
ASP.NET C# Nested controlls access +3.86
Check if decimal value is null +3.74
Math.Truncate return incorrect decimal cut off +1.29
Why SetEditRow in GridView? 0.00
How do I add rounded corners to a GridView table in my .net code? +4.03
Using namespace as type error -1.05
how to quotes for class value, variable text content, and variable... -0.04
Set Assembly title in constructor c# +1.53
How do I use two sql syntax keywords 0.00
When debugging, is the app built? +0.31
"Possible loss of precision" when trying to compile, plea... -2.90
SQL Server Express much faster than SQL Server? 0.00
Triggering a Web page JavaScript function from a .Net application -... +4.02
Selecting all rows but the last of class with CSS3 -0.52
Why does Directory.GetFiles() run faster on subsequent runs? 0.00
How to make a mysql database in windows +4.09
Cannot convert type 'object[][]' to 'System.Collections.Generic.Lis... +4.22
Oracle bulk updates using ODP.NET -0.82
Referencing DLL, Compiling, DLL versioning -3.61
Grouping items in XML +4.32
C# stack overflow state -2.47