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Matthew Kerian

1497.64 (3,802,175th)
315 (387,576th)
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Title Δ
is there a way to read values from a file int an array and initiali... -3.87
How to sort an ArrayList of Doubles contained within a MultiValuedMap -2.05
Getting multiple words in an ArrayList<String> from a String... -1.45
Type mismatch: cannot convert from List<String> to ArrayList&... +5.85
Reversing string by word in java (not using StringBuilder) -4.04
Java: Why do else statements always run in my while loop? +3.95
How not to match the first empty string in this regex? -0.69
"Casting" a method to a Consumer 0.00
Why am I getting a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when I try to sk... -3.07
How to synchronize the access to a variable as it changed in multip... +4.01
Compress image without saving it -- in Java 0.00
How to create an XML file in Java from scratch? 0.00
What happens if a file doesn't end exactly at the last byte? +3.97
Why I cannot directly use for-each loop for generic type list? 0.00
Why isn't this.super() possible in java? -1.68
Java 8 : <identifier> expected 0.00
Calling get (array static method) from an array instance -2.50
Java - fun converting a string (4 chars) to int and back +1.07
Get static instance name in Java via reflection during construction 0.00
How to code new appointments in a planner to be arranged by date -1.84
What is the type parameter that the compiler infers when using the... -3.57
Accepting Objects containing specific method instead of accepting s... -3.76
Is there any way to search for the names of text files in a directo... -0.07
Java scanner to read character frequency from file +4.25
Transforming FieldInsnNode's names and information 0.00
String out of Index :java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Stri... -0.00
unexpected output for rerverse array element using pointer +3.53
Java - Bouncing a projectile ball - How can I reverse vertical velo... 0.00
.contains not working when reading from a text file? 0.00
Using the Comparable interface to sort through dates +4.21
Deque last element insert. -2.45
C data format redoing +0.48
Java Collections ArrayList, LinkedList cast Exception +1.33
Comparison of structure pointer address not working -1.98
Quadratic Function in C 0.00
C Program - Do - while loops not working -1.41
segmentation fault caused from terminal argument +1.68
Compiler jumping function if, else if +0.51
Better way to run C code with multiple prompts and scanf -1.08
Convert entire array of characters into integer in C -1.69
Function to repeat a certain menu in C 0.00