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Rating Stats for

Lucas Belfanti

1501.94 (371,350th)
264 (427,689th)
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Title Δ
How to get the last tweets of an account 0.00
How to format time as a string in "2nd Jan 2006" time for... -1.39
Appending a self constructed class in priority que gives TypeError:... 0.00
variable undefined after nested for loop 0.00
Get indices of the first element in a python list of lists -0.02
How can you end your game with text on the screen? 0.00
How to use 2 diffrent keypresses to move 2 diffrent shapes at once... 0.00
How do you delete different scenes in pygame? +4.01
How to fix Index Error in Chess Dictionary Validator -2.42
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'restr... 0.00
Array of structures lose data while passing it in C 0.00
how do I iterate an excel formula down multiple rows using python 0.00
adding an element to a linked list python +4.07
Make Python Compare Lists 0.00
Python Linked List - insert method +3.60
Python Game Too Slow +2.13
pyautogui mouseDown() not working for automated mouse movement -3.95
Is the 'pathutil' ruby gem compatible with jekyll (v3.9.0)... -4.08
How to crop multiple images in a folder to a circular shape using P... 0.00
How to simulate uploading file via Ant Design's Upload using Re... 0.00