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1505.79 (126,479th)
361 (355,081st)
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Title Δ
sub appends Nil to the end in Raku 0.00
Why does Rakudo dd return Nil for a typed and assigned scalar? +4.75
Determine if a variable in Raku is set +0.70
Split string to fixed length chunks and write in separate line in R... +0.37
Alternative to Perl's <> in Raku? -2.57
Remove some characters from a string by index (Raku) +0.09
Convert filetime to GMT in Perl -2.56
perl --> printing characters in between the multiple metacharact... -2.27
How can you write a supply with a dynamic throttle? -4.05
Smallest Multiple of given number With digits only 0 and 1 +4.12
The Perl API to ServiceNow stopped supporting TLS 1.0 and 1.1. Are... +0.66
Why doesn't this deref of a reference work as a one-liner? -2.91
Slip documentation bug ??? [ RAKU ] 0.00
Import raku's `dir` function into Perl -0.16
Using automatically generated methods for public attributes vs crea... -4.12
bash + convert text file to csv file 0.00
Drive Letters + Drive Physical Types (Powershell) +2.85
Perl shell command cannot match @ symbol +0.44
convert hash to array of hashes in Perl +3.97
What is the correct way of handling different server responses on a... 0.00
From Raku/Perl6, how to read this registry key? 0.00
How to name a constraint -3.33
Perl interface with Aspell -1.99
Raku/Perl6: How to restrict match method to capture group? -1.03
Why does a single number fail to match a Range object in an array? +4.41
How to get Class and Function Names from a Library? 0.00
Cloning multidimensional arrays -2.77
How can I scrape images off of a webage using Perl 0.00
Finding the contiguous sequences of equal elements in a list Raku -3.67
Raku operator overloading -2.61
perl6/raku: how to I restrict the values allowed in a variable? +3.22
Find key in subhash without iterate through the whole hash -0.50
how can I count number of lines after a string match until next esp... -2.62
-e (if file exists) trickiness in perl finding sendmail +3.84
importing an class from the same directory in Perl +3.06
How can I create pop-up windows for Perl6 in Windows? +3.97
Perl multidimensional arrays--> assigning a 1D array to a 2D array 0.00
Will perl 5.8.4 scripts work with perl 5.16.3? -3.39
Perl file reading have issue while splitting it as space -3.44
Use a variable and assign an expression to it in one step in Raku +3.84
Why does comb behave differently inside the loop? 0.00
Why do **2 and ² behave differently when using the cross meta-... -4.30
Need suggestions with reading text files by every n-th line in Raku -1.16
how to reduce wait time in perl +5.68
bat file to run perl script on all sub directories 0.00
How to implement around in Raku +1.72
How to reload raku modules at runtime, for debug purposes? +3.78
Conditional subexpression replacement using regular expressions +2.24
Perl reference in array why deference create a new reference value 0.00
Combining two different multi-row strings into one using Perl 0.00