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1480.67 (4,494,394th)
1,770 (93,767th)
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Title Δ
SQL "NOT IN" function not working properly -1.13
Display the summed number for all the users 0.00
Based on Table 1 value, find the both duplicate value from multiple... -1.60
MySQL combine counts on columns from two tables -1.57
How to select a complete set of products in a shopcart where the yo... +0.02
SQL query for most recent date 0.00
How to return the entire row of a Max value in a column in SQL? 0.00
Comma Separated Values in one table to return results from another... -0.29
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'if' When i try use if in... -0.47
AND in a WHERE clause on the same field? 0.00
SQL Server: Compare values from two tables and list missing value 0.00
How to remove duplicate rows in MySQL? 0.00
MySQL returns only first line when querying for MAX() and all names +0.29
Why can my fields not be bound in a T-SQL join? -0.24
SQL Server: use select/where/having statements in a stored procedure 0.00
mySQL query to carve out subset 0.00
SQL Query to calculate the AVG of DATEDIFF -1.55
PostgreSQL : Removing duplicates of LEFT OUTER JOIN on 3 tables +0.82
Stored procedure only executes correctly on first execution -0.48
I received error Code 1054 unknown column "Charadrius_vociferu... 0.00
Numbering the rows by using PARTITION BY to filter results +2.48
Sum two columns from two tables without cartesian +1.38
Select Highest value in one column while showing other columns +2.52
SQL WHERE statement in SELECT? +0.78
Mysql - group showing all the data the last row by group 0.00
PROC SQL/ SQL multiple joins by first row -1.00
Issue with Full Outer Join 0.00
SQL Server: SUM by grouped column and sort by another column -0.68
Referencing SQL column generated from SELECT +0.52
How do I create a subquery linking to 3 tables? 0.00
Multi INNER JOIN gives unexpected duplicate records +0.03
Aggregated results from subquery in MySQL don't preserve one of... +0.27
SQL Group by returning wrong results +2.21
ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row - I get th... -1.18
What is Causing the Incorrect Syntax near SELECT error? -1.30
Running total using Sum and Over not working in SQL Server 2012 +1.93
SQL Server 10.50 OVER PARTITION not recognized +1.27
Delete duplicate rows for greater then 1 +2.13
Not sure why != doesn't work when == does -1.84
MySQL to filter result by using where & and condition +2.34
Why does MySQL show Unknown column for a column that is clearly def... +0.67
Is there a way to loop a query using a distinct list of values with... 0.00
Where clause not working as expected: I get data from 2 different I... 0.00
Examine two columns and delete lowest number of the id of column na... -0.22
How find people with two specific licenses, separate rows, only one... +0.04
Why do I need to hardcode clauses in this subselect? 0.00
How can i show from 2 tables even in the second is null? +0.55
SQL Condition where in terms of Variable +0.35
How to get Average Salary of SQL HourlyPayRate Column? +0.27