An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1493.83 (4,316,119th)
717 (203,804th)
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Title Δ
C++ Code don't print the Info, what's wrong? +4.15
Pointer in C only updates once when method is called 0.00
Getting '-inf' returned from a function 0.00
how to generate more random numbers in c++ 0.00
p is a pointer to a structure, what do all these code snippets do? -2.09
Why does creating an instance of a friend class cause "undefin... -2.66
Trying to output array in a do while loop +2.99
want to know if const char* ptr leads to any memory leak, -3.85
Custom function per-instance of a class (C++) -3.54
Convert double to Char Array C++ +4.06
include header file or not 0.00
How to get the name of derived class using one of its methods in c++ +4.10
warning: format '%s' expects argument of type 'char *&#... 0.00
C++ (x == 1) the same as (x & 1) -2.95
Oddity when declaring an array of structs in C +0.06
Char* Constant From Previous Line Being Added Into Char* Array -1.39
C - Eliminating Loop Stutter? +4.40
Two dimensional array memory issue - C +0.08
how to initialize a vector struct of vectors? -3.38
Passing a Unknown struct (at runtime) as a template parameter 0.00
Classes on different files , how to make it work? 0.00
C++ Error char assignment 0.00
How do I assign a string to an int variable? +2.09
How can I read a character that is mistakenly typed at the end of a... -3.44
Adding object into LinkedList C++ +4.04
Create Dynamically Allocated Array C++ +0.87
Segfault on fopen c 0.00
C++:error: redefinition of Class +4.13
Using pointer inside a struct -3.15
C - array subscript is not an integer +2.89
Returning an address to a local variable vs returning a pointer to... +1.39
What is char ** in C? +4.16
how to pass mysql_insert_id() to either $_POST or form action? +0.25
PHP Shopping cart without login - cookies vs sessions vs both? -3.87
Register non-static C++ methods in Lua +0.59
Need help with tree-printing code -3.99
Determine the sign of a 32 bit int -1.94
Traverse $_POST Array to show field Names -2.64
Drawing a crescent shape in OpenGL -4.23
Can T in template <typename T> use inheritance? -3.31