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Ed Heal

1463.37 (4,526,413th)
48,767 (2,087th)
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Title Δ
Why does this C code take so long to compile and execute if the var... +0.55
Size of an array is different in the main function and user-defined... -0.45
Palindrome/mini-Palindrome in string +0.05
While loop prints twice without scanning 0.00
How to save the uint32_t mask as a pointer variable? 0.00
How is printf avoiding a segmentation fault? -1.17
How do I ensure a certain amount of numbers are typed in? -0.25
what is the code-complexity of n-x series? 0.00
warning: comparison between pointer and integer in loop +0.11
Saving data from C code in a smaller file as compaired to equivalen... -0.45
Getting Variable "@xml_files" will not stay shared at ...... +0.13
Using lstat in Visual Studio Code 0.00
String and sscanf +0.53
How to get access of file pointer from one function to another? -1.75
what am i doing wrong and how can i improve my code -1.86
How to read a file with numbers on each line in C? -1.12
C Loop until the condition is met problem -0.11
How to take the elements of pointer array in C? +2.64
Is there any compiler and library where strcmp() returns values oth... -1.18
Why I am getting all names in one line when read from arr? +1.11
I don't understand why a equals 1 and b equals 0 in this program -0.70
Background color is not working with for loop -0.53
Could you tell me instead of backslash"\" in python, is a... 0.00
What is wrong with my code? It says segmentation fault 0.00
How to fix infinite loops when user enters wrong data type in scanf... -1.18
Why did the two prompts in this program to receive input show on th... -1.72
Add one generic parameter to printf -0.54
I'm using Visual Studio 2019 and I'm currently making some... 0.00
I'm getting weird symbols in my output file instead of the appr... 0.00
How to load 3MB txt file line by line to a column in PostgreSQL? +0.55
how to change output 0/1 row into names like Assignment / Examination 0.00
Finding out the minimum extent size 0.00
"How to use scanf with pointer(arrays) inside function" +2.97
Display some characters in a new file -1.59
bit calculation complement of x how it works? 0.00
Why this code freezes, when i'm trying to use write (man 2 writ... +1.10
Global Pointer in C?(Multi-Level Array) 0.00
functions in c on linux -0.82
fprintf returning null after fork() in c 0.00
I am trying to create an array and fill it with numbers from 1 to 1... 0.00
reading unknown length file in buffer chunks in c +1.11
Passing a variable to one function to another +0.55
Not understanding weird behaviours of printf() -1.13
C - Ignore spaces in scanf() +2.44
Pointer to constant in C +1.43
How to scanf commas, but with commas not assigned to a structure? C -0.94
Character array length function returns 5 for 1,2,3, ENTER but seem... 0.00
Javascript plus equals 0.5 adding 0.50000000001 0.00
How to mask the last 8 digits of an ip -1.44
C program prints garbage values 0.00