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Greg Hewgill

1666.44 (348th)
779,214 (11th)
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Title Δ
Is there a way to wait for and read the next keyboard input? 0.00
How to cut old commits from a feature branch? -2.75
using "transform" in c++ gives an error that this was not... +1.21
Is it possible to define enums without values with Python? -0.23
Why the return does not print the inner functions results? +0.38
What is a*<a[j] in pseudocode? 0.00
How can I randomly select between a structure that initializes vari... +0.61
Python Syntax Error for Iterative Addition e.g. x += 1 0.00
how to explore a branch's history? -1.40
How to combine python and C++17 on macOS 0.00
Git push all but one file, without deletion 0.00
Writing Functions that Return a Value in C++ 0.00
How do I update the author for Git commits in a merged branch? 0.00
How can I use Web App Manifest and Application Cache at the same ti... +0.28
My program isnt working after the scanf statement 0.00
C++ array declaration +0.19
memcpy copied wrong data from tail of array 0.00
Issue with Python Code +1.85
Actually undo git stash pop +1.23
I am unable to see all files in my repository 0.00
C++ use a while loop to count the number of characters a user inputs +1.00
sscanf seems to behave different on uint variables vs int variables... -1.33
Python for-loop, change variable not in next round 0.00
Why C is creating an empty text file 0.00
How do I remove a deleted embedded Git repository and have it track... 0.00
C - Segmentation fault after freeing dynamically allocated array -2.64
Execution skipping getline() 0.00
Need help improving my c++ and class creation 2 +0.28
Why is `exec()` not working in a script but working interactively? 0.00
Python Pyramid Character Printing error +0.28
C++ writing a string to a line in a text file; New line issue \n no... 0.00
Template class pointers issue c++ 0.00
Auto include header files using cmake and macros in c? +0.95
C - How do I run a program in the background using exec? +1.30
if statement not working after deploy source code to ubuntu - pytho... 0.00
Wait x seconds before closing a program c++ -0.73
Wrong boolean result in simple expression +1.06
Does anyone know what happened there? (Pointers in c++) 0.00
C++ program outputs a very large number instead of object 0.00
Python - Simple While loop with IF statements +0.27
Create a forked process from a deamon 0.00
Ionic Android Appication GIT INIT ERROR(EXIT CODE 128) 0.00
Mixing C and objective C in xcode +0.28
Understanding user details in git -1.20
How do I run two syntactic commands synchronously? 0.00
rsync cannot find file when executed from within Popen in python 0.00
How to mark a git branch as merged? +0.28
Git internals: how does Git store small differences between revisio... -0.23
XCode -- what does working copy mean, anyway? 0.00
How to create a list of dictionaries from a dictionary +1.01