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Simeon Ikudabo

1427.06 (4,408,574th)
1,016 (151,620th)
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Title Δ
how to add multiple javascript variable in html a href tag -1.44
jQuery set dynamically created input fields based on difference bet... +2.54
Extract all values when I have key : value and store all value in a... +0.06
How do I get the next day's date in JS in YYYY-MM-DD format? -0.84
Filter out objects in array if one value is the same -0.58
Showing an image based on a number range in Javascript -0.91
how to replace name with an ID in javascript -0.40
How to insert values to a nested array +0.37
jquery selector on razor does not trigger event +3.20
count duplicate value from table column using jquery or javascript... +0.41
onclick button does not do anything; javascript function not called +0.10
From an array of objects, extract properties into multiple arrays (... -0.17
Click Through Var Images in a Loop -0.39
How to run function if html form is invalid? -0.14
Post Request when Number is entered into input tag 0.00
How to trigger the same button to increment and decrement the count... -0.39
How to know if a string includes at least one element of array in J... -0.00
Download CSV file on client side +0.61
Getting a Object Property and lowering its case using map() -0.54
Find a nested object inside an arrary of objects based on the string -0.02
How to create one single object with dynamic keys when iterating ov... -0.83
get field and value from json using javascript +1.60
Won't print out names help please -1.53
array.splice() returns the item I want to eliminate rather than the... 0.00
how to filter a js array by date comparison? +0.09
how to get price data from 2d array in javascript? +0.43
Ajax Post request not working on mobile devices 0.00
Base64 Upload Image Issue -1.37
Basic LISP recursive replacement of substring -1.34
lisp: properly form if statement 0.00
Dexador No OpSSL version number 0.00
Mapping two string lists (in a short way) in Lisp? +0.62
lisp macro to build a list of an expression and it's evaluation -1.74
How can I make my average function tail recursive in Lisp -0.10
Counting occurrence of a word in LISP lists +0.10
How can I convert char to symbol in common lisp? 0.00
Profiling Functions in the :CL Package -0.91
Comparing List/Make-list & Vector/Make-array in Common Lisp -0.40
use of &rest and &key at the same time in Common Lisp +2.76
How to call a function that prints a list in lisp? +0.60
CL-WHO is always starting with a single quote 0.00
How does flexibility affect a language's syntax? +0.02
Hunchentoot Handling Checkbox Post Requests 0.00
LISP How to create a database storing function parameters +0.11
union in common lisp, preserving order of elements in original lists -0.28
Common Lisp map numbers to words -0.41
Button dissapears when run in emulator 0.00
Why doesn't my subclass inherit the private instance variables... -0.30
Join numbers with whitespace in Common Lisp? -0.98
How to get the amount of arguments of a function +0.08