An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.49 (104,035th)
26 (1,435,602nd)
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Title Δ
Trouble getting input for object array 0.00
Instance isn't passsing given variables to class +3.96
How to retrieve a field value of an Object stored in a LinkedList? +0.59
Comparing two objects for varying set of properties +1.14
How to write java streams for the nested loops -0.21
Errors iterating on LinkedList +2.07
print ===== only if middle number is incremented by more than 1 in... +4.07
swap two nodes in singly linked lists using method in java 0.00
Why when i am pushing my custom Pair class into Queue Interface thi... -0.64
error: incompatible types: Context cannot be converted to ArrayList... 0.00
How to split a String into 2 parts in Java? +4.06
How to handle Number format Exception? 0.00
showing highest and lowest value of a series of objects in java -1.91
Choose k not-adjacent elements out of N 0.00
Getting Exception java.util.NoSuchElementException while compiling 0.00
Merge two maps with same keys in java and add the value together -4.18
List of inheriting objects java -3.92
Finding contiguous array 0.00
How to set a character limit in Java -0.04
trying to call a class but it gives me errors: actual and formal ar... 0.00
How to get the time that it took to type a sentence in Java +4.58
Exercise With arraylist input with scanner 0.00
How to link two lists in java? +2.36
Get all elements from a Binary Tree to a List - JAVA -4.04
How to search for an object in an arraylist with multiple strings a... 0.00
How to use same conditional statement for different variables in ja... -1.10
Java binarySearch can't find all characters 0.00
Getting more than one line from .txt file C++ -2.82
Calculated angles from three sides only show either 90 or 180 degrees -0.09
How to show that two children are siblings? 0.00
Iterate over list in Java 0.00
Java ArrayList missing first value -0.16
I/O problem, Three input files use this code, but the first output... 0.00
how can I apply C++ array in this? 0.00
JAVA, is there a way to display the name of an object in an ArrayLi... +3.71
How to center a Scroll element with Overflow -4.05
Java : remove Node from simply linked list 0.00
Java binary search tree loop returning null object reference? 0.00
Is it possible to show 2 Frames at the same time? 0.00
Add and Delete First Nodes 0.00
Delete a node given a key in linked list +4.12