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Mykola Zotko

1422.43 (4,535,778th)
1,548 (106,042nd)
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Title Δ
Filter dataframe by group size 0.00
How to delete specific characters from a string in a PySpark datafr... -1.35
Split Dataframe column on delimiter when number of strings to split... -0.37
How do I save excel file with multiple sheets from pyspark data frame 0.00
Python / SQL - Loop to fill records based on a roll back/forward of... -0.83
Using Pyspark to create tuples from a line entry of list of words a... 0.00
Filter pyspark dataframe based on list of strings +1.62
How to convert a set of probabilities to 0 and 1? +0.60
Rename multiple columns by index using an iterative name in pandas -0.71
Pandas - groupby one column and get mean of all other columns -1.62
Is it possible to pd.read_csv data with a date parameter? 0.00
Enumerate rows in each group starting from one 0.00
How do I get a value of other dataframe based on same date? +0.05
Job are not shown on Spark WebUI 0.00
Pyspark Create New Categoric Column Based on a New Condition -1.30
pandas: exclude zeros when aggregating -0.39
Concatenate columns if same column name in a dataframe -0.45
Drop a group of rows if one column has missing data in a pandas dat... -0.50
select column value based on index name in Pandas DataFrame -0.50
Iteratively combine text in first column with existing text in othe... +0.68
Add a counter column to my data frame that increments depending on... -1.54
Merge/join two dataframes based on index and colum -0.95
How do I move data from one column to another in Python DataFrame +0.61
Count instances of a random number of n length -0.77
Change x-axis order of labels in Pandas / Matplotlib histogram? +2.63
How to groupby dataframe rows and filter against all occurrences fr... -0.94
Keep rows in data frame that, for all combinations of the values of... -0.66
Adding values from previous row/value python -0.08
Currency Conversion Dataframe - skip Columns 0.00
Counting total number of occurrences in selected (multiple) columns... -0.71
Complicated character transformation Pandas -1.87
product of two dataframes with new boolean column based on matched... +2.50
Keep indices in Pandas DataFrame with a certain number of non-NaN e... -0.39
How to replace null values in the output of a left join operation w... -1.04
sum() got an unexpected keyword argument 'axis' 0.00
Pyspark.sql : how to remove the empty space and retain only specifi... +2.57
How to split Spark dataframe rows into columns? -1.45
How to get a value from one pyspark dataframe using where clause -0.79
How to remove a string selectively from pandas series? -0.40
A new column taken number from previous columns plus special charac... -0.63
How to perform a conditional calculation -1.03
Pandas - split column with dictionary into two columns with key and... -0.67
Getting a slice from pandas dataframe by comparing contents of df1... +0.12
Counting groups in columns in dataframe -0.49
Detemining Odd and Even values with Pandas in Python -0.41
Multiple groupings and groupby aggregations using Python Pandas +0.03
Pandas - find which id has more than one corresponding value in ano... -1.80
Plot grouped bar chart for categorical data +0.65
How to use Numpy vectorize to calculate columns in Pandas +1.19
How to add a looped group-by in Python? 0.00