An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.53 (38,978th)
18,254 (7,618th)
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Title Δ
How to improve a push data pipeline in C# to match F# in performance 0.00
FSharp.Core FSharpFunc.FromConverter in netstandard20 -0.02
Converting Swift to F# - optionals and type casting 0.00
Functional Relational Operators, join-like, outside of queries 0.00
Splitting out blocks of code in F# pattern matching for readability -0.57
How do I assign a large number to a value? 0.00
Deedle: Setting header names when using SaveCsv -0.86
Saving record in RavenDb with F# adding extra Id column +0.53
Do function type parameter labels matter +0.17
F# & WPF: basic UI update +1.16
F# type constructor doesn't act like a function -2.08
Why are parentheses needed on this F# function? -1.39
Curried Arguments in Discriminated Unions -0.21
Using prior cases in case type signature 0.00
Is it possible to use arrays as static parameters in F# type provid... 0.00
Unable to add reference to an F# PCL when using Universal Windows P... 0.00
F# FAKE WixHelper use fileFilter 0.00
How can I select a random value from a list using F# +2.54
Is there a way to not have to repeat this function invocation in pa... +0.29
Not able to convert IIdentity to WindowsIdentity in F# 0.00
Matrix transposition in F# -0.03
eliminate .net lambda expression +0.21
F# matching with empty list when list given is not empty +0.49
Is it possible to force the .NET F# compiler generate a CIL field i... 0.00
Async.fromBeginEnd with WinForms Begin/EndInvoke -0.03
Is there default parameter in F#? -0.64
Tail Recursive Combinations 0.00
Simplify a recursive function from 3 to 2 clauses -0.53
In Cordova for Windows 8, what is the correct storage option for lo... 0.00
Replacing values in a list in a range around an element 0.00
Why source by seq as last parameter 0.00
Why doesn't F# infer the record type when updating a record? -0.54
Simple closure function +1.00
F# applying function to it's result n-times -1.20
F# If-Then-Else trouble 0.00
Expecting int return value 0.00
Is it possible to define a custom parser and AST for quotations in... -0.95
What would be an F# equivalent of the C# code using async? 0.00
Explicitly stating a type in list comprehension that uses 0.00
Is it possible to give a button associated information? +0.47
HubControl: Different files for each hub section on windows phone 8.1 -0.52
This prime factorization code works for small numbers but fails wit... -1.56
How to handle FSharpOption object in javascript 0.00
F# "Stateful" Computation Expression +1.42
Convert Tuple to Array in F# and Xamarin 0.00
Slicing in a 2D Array in F# but similar to Matlab? -0.41
How do I Override ToString in a Composite Type in F#? 0.00
Mix values from two List using recursion +1.15
Generate two different randoms in F# -1.05
Windows store certification - error with SQLite 0.00