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Raymond Chen

1681.58 (233rd)
40,283 (2,764th)
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Title Δ
is there any way to obtain the callable's argument list and the... 0.00
GetProcessDEPPolicy says permanent but it's not 0.00
memcmp ignores characters at odd positions 0.00
How to check foreground/background status in Windows 10 UWP javascr... +1.03
Reducing instruction count in arm 0.00
'CalucateNumbers' is missing exception specification 'n... +1.20
SHFileOperation works but prints error messages +1.54
What is the accuracy of erf in Visual Studio MSVC? +1.39
Amortized time of insertion in sorted array is O(n) and deletion is... 0.00
Function visibility in C : make function visible and callable throu... +0.27
Under what conditions do I need to set up SEH unwind info for an x8... +0.27
Change default burning drive in ICDBurn windows api 0.00
is there a way in c++ to have derived classes override a base class... +1.29
Toast Notifications Windows 10 with cppwinrt library 0.00
How to call GetClassInfo with a retrieved ATOM (or is it necessary)? 0.00
ANSI C : How do I abstract over over struct fields? 0.00
Why does VS 2015 have two UWP options, one inside windows and one i... 0.00
How to decode this 6 byte date time format? 0.00
Using StorageFile class having the file content in UWP [Universal W... -1.26
Visual studio cross linking DLL built from different VC compiler -0.81
Blend UWP resolution/scale and effective resolution 0.00
C++ Expected Primary Expression Error +0.27
Shouldn't a compiler raise a warning for member variables of ba... 0.00
Indirection through ESI and Pointers 0.00
How to get the current ProcessID in UWP? 0.00
Can the following code be true for pointers to different things +1.17
Create dangling commit without checking out -0.16
Create dangling commit without checking out -0.16
How to use SetTimer replace Sleep()? +1.25
In WinDbg commands, how can I refer to a register with the same nam... 0.00
SHGetKnownFolderPath fails with E_ACCESSDENIED 0.00
Convert function reference to char* and back +0.69
SRW lock in shared memory +0.46
How open a url from a Javascript Windows Universal application in a... 0.00
Does javascript implementation of claimedBarcodeScanner.SetActiveSy... 0.00
Use FolderPicker Programmatically 0.00
perforce filespec regex format 0.00
Which are valid IPv4 addresses? -0.34
Lamp API not showing up? -0.73
Why BackRequested event will be triggered multiple times after addi... -0.98
Cause of Variadic Arguments being corrupted/null 0.00
UWP: PropertySet lookup throws an exception +0.25
How to know if computer is in gaming mode 0.00
How to do a merge in git without picking up any changes? -0.57
Windows 10 Light +0.28
Windows Universal - How to check if user is signed into Microsoft A... 0.00
what is the meaning of {assm} Windows command script 0.00
Arm error A1174E: Data transfer offset 0x00002000 out of range. Per... 0.00
localStorage vs localSettings 0.00
Process survives crash dump 0.00