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1482.93 (4,483,722nd)
32,039 (3,725th)
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Title Δ
Directionless relationship failing in PostgreSQL 0.00
expected struct foo* but argument is of type struct foo* for functi... 0.00
Get next rows from selected value in postgresql -0.15
The query for calculating distance stuck the PostgresDB +0.24
Recursively delete all occurences of an element in a singly linked... -1.62
How to find the smallest element that might have duplicates in a Li... +0.55
How to best parse comments lines in a file with C 0.00
How do I select multiple values ​from a window function? +0.02
Stdin + Dictionary Text Replacement Tool -- Debugging -1.70
How to stop the repetition of inotify result? -1.01
Cast a 3-byte array to int32 -0.49
Why is my Postgres database working for a while and then not able t... -0.23
Column doens't exists in PostgreSQL (WHERE column_name = column... +0.49
Returning an empty item in a C function call 0.00
Pearson hash 8-bit implementation is producing very non-uniform val... 0.00
Finding a subset of `n` distinct vectors with minimum distance of `d` -1.04
PostgreSQL : 'psql: error: could not connect to server: No such... 0.00
in C is it possible to have a macro with conditonal break statement +1.62
Most Efficient Way to Compare String Dates in Postgresql? -1.16
Exporting PostgreSQL to json +0.02
SQL - Querying for names that occur at least twice -0.72
Postgres extremely slow update 0.00
Problem with 'for' loop in simple Gauss elimination code 0.00
Add row number within PostgreSQL COPY command 0.00
why this is a valid query in postgres? is it expensive for the dbms? -1.00
How can I declare array, as a anonymous struct member (or workaroun... 0.00
Merging two linked lists -1.71
SQL: How to query the average of monthly sum, when some months don&... +1.64
Update A Record if it exists, else do nothing, including short-cicr... -1.37
Two names for the same function -1.42
How to identify rows per group before a certain value gap? -0.83
SQL - Merge two rows with similar values +2.25
Is there a way to preserve last day of month while adding interval? -1.39
How to check if there is no content inside a file, and how to avoid... -0.76
How do I count words with apostrophe character +0.45
How can I utilize a partial index for the calculated filter conditi... -0.95
Relational Database Design For Follow/Friend Relationship +1.98
How to associate a unique identifier with a PostgreSQL connection f... +2.79
Joined Filtered Table -0.50
How to print logs on both console and file in C language? -0.36
Delete query on a very large table running extremely slowly SQL +2.19
HashTable in C, trouble appending nodes, getting incompatible point... -0.39
postgres function is not executing properly -1.63
PostgreSQL's ILIKE query with conditional filtering +0.83
Pointer Matrix in C 0.00
UPDATE table in postgreSQL +2.41
PostgreSQL array of type table/setof -1.13
PostgreSQL: Syntax error at or near "14" when trying to r... -0.87
Remove Duplicates from MySQL Table with Many-to-Many Relationships -0.48
SQL Find pairs of rows with next best timestamp match -0.99