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Martin Morterol

1502.22 (328,727th)
507 (265,954th)
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Title Δ
Deleting large hashmaps with millions of strings on one thread affe... +1.17
clang format: disable ordering includes +4.14
Function template to populate a vector of shared_ptr to Base &... -1.68
Why does std::accumulate generate 705032704 as output instead of th... -2.80
Why does make_shared destroy rvalue-references? 0.00
Why cant we use a pointer to traverse the vector? +1.14
Compiler Error: ‘std::array<...>::~array()’ is implicitly del... 0.00
What is the purpose of a constant pointer in c++? -2.09
How to store any kind of function in a variable in C++? +4.49
C++ single-function variable placement 0.00
std::chrono::time_point compiler error when converting from a varia... 0.00
Does this mean memory leak? 0.00
if constexpr with recursive parameter packs +0.01
How to use list<T*> as method's parameter? 0.00
Why is this a non-constant condition for g++8? -4.02
Why template specialization doesn't work in gcc +3.75
Why there is no implicit conversion from pointer to reference? +0.52
Can I force std::vector to leave a memory leak? -0.43
How can I avoid a memory leak when initializing a map in the constr... 0.00
C2276 or C3867 compiler errors in C++ +0.59
Why can an initializer list only be used on declaration? -1.80
C++11 - How to fix noexcept operator that fails to detect function... 0.00
How to read files in a directory on Linux? 0.00
What is the use of returning lvalues for class operations that mimi... -3.54
UB When Dereferencing Array of Unions +0.45
Checking function signature using C++11 is_same? 0.00
Is it possible for the template parameter to be a reference type? +4.09
Correct way to concatenate bitwise operations? +3.93
How does changing a template argument from a type to a non-type mak... -2.76
Is it possible to static_assert that a lambda is not generic? -2.92
How to detect whether I need to use UHD, HD or SD in Cocos2d-x 0.00
Check if two types are of the same template -1.65
How to avoid Segmentation fault when calling Python scripts in Qt p... +0.47
cannot create a mongocxx::instance object if one has already been c... 0.00
Declare new function inside a class using a template +1.16