An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Annie Lagang

1465.25 (4,398,086th)
2,688 (62,612th)
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Title Δ
MultiTooltip ng2-Charts & Angular 2/4 0.00
Condensing jQuery slidetoggle function 0.00
How to get python to successfully download large images from the in... -3.74
jsFiddle API to get row count of user's fiddles 0.00
C# Create a list of objects from an 2 IEnumerable instances contain... +2.29
Using Locale plugins 0.00
How to return item index from list SML? +0.10
Parsing Web Page Using Python 3.x and Beautiful Soup 0.00
Scraping text using url from list (BeautifulSoup4) 0.00
error (407) "Proxy Authentication Required." +4.55
Map enum to a function/action using enum-specific method -3.67
SMTP over Socks Proxy +4.43
Using pip behind a proxy +4.10
Is it possible to get complete source code of a website including c... -3.92
Why is this listiterator stuck? -3.58
In Python 3.2, I can open and read an HTTPS web page with http.clie... 0.00
Strange behavior when deleting object property after copying object -1.61
Naming and initializing objects in an array -1.97
Python - Sum not working in list comprehension syntax if the source... -3.28
How do you write a function in Python that takes a string and retur... +3.64
dropdownlist auto post back errors +0.46
.click function textarea jQuery changing the CSS -2.99
Handle the change in JavaScript -3.41
IE7 / IE8 interaction with JQuery .removeAttr('disabled'), not appl... 0.00
Implicit data type conversion in JavaScript when comparing integer... -0.42
ASP.NET C# Session Variables Being Lost 0.00
passing by reference in Java doubts +2.26
Translate website into different language -1.78
linkbutton click event -1.13
How interfaces achieve multiple inheritance -1.85
asp.Net Checkbox has NO value? -3.93
Java error - "invalid method declaration; return type required... +0.46
Intersperse a List<> -0.73
Adding alternate colors to a table 0.00
how to validate select through javascript -1.34
Converting C# to VB.NET: why is static method not visible? 0.00
Sorting a Javascript object by value -3.25
How can I re-install Eclipse without losing customization? +3.65
Is there a better way to call a derived class's overridden method f... -1.72
Instance an element from a parent class 0.00
Convert WinForms design to XML -3.64
JavaScript: modify prototype of an object's variable? -2.83
how to get div tag from aspx page when use user control -3.96
Displaying a C# control through XSLT -3.10
Iterating over an array of objects in Javascript - why can't I obta... -2.85
Understanding linq thoroughly 0.00
How to learn queries in LINQ 0.00
ruby on rails installation on ubuntu 0.00
how to use nunit with visual studio 0.00
Where can I download Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool? 0.00