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1493.95 (4,192,297th)
1 (4,319,143rd)
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Title Δ
how to use if condtion in linq c#? +0.01
How to update table column with random value from a list of values? +0.48
Issue with string Date formatting 19-feb-01 to yyyy-mm-dd - SQL Ser... 0.00
Incorrect syntax near ',' using TOP 0.00
Entity framework + average part of column in SQL Server 0.00
How can I find out if a strongly typed table contains a value from... -0.21
Convert datetime column values to MonYY format 0.00
How can i set Viewbag value in Razor by using foreach? +0.50
Using 2 groups, is it possible to have the 2nd group broken out as... 0.00
SQL counts not adding up when using 'NOT IN' and 'IN... -0.39
Select all values in column with Entity Framework +0.83
How to use contains (T-SQL) in Entity Framework -0.58
How to translate an SQL query to LINQ 0.00
Stored Procedure return default value? -1.98
Sql server query Use of Any -0.65
Set a Value in Verbal using sql +2.68
linq to sql string property contains queryparam array 0.00
Linq - Join resultset of 1 query with another table +2.02
Concate string into temp table in cursor +2.39
Find the recent date in a SQL Server table 0.00
Should i use .ToList().Distinct() or .Distinct().ToList()? +1.20
Compare DATE without year +0.52
covert column values into row names in sql server -2.39
'int' does not contain a definition for 'Contains'... 0.00
LINQ Count null values 0.00
How to compare 2 columns with similar data (eg. not same order, wit... -0.94
How to rewrite two loops into one LINQ statement +0.37
C#-Linq: Ignore case when comparing using string.equals in linq 0.00
SQL- UNION : How to UNION 4 SELECT of unmatched column by Order By -0.89
Sort result by a date range SQL Server -0.17
jQuery get value closest input field -0.53
html dropdownlist load first value +0.49
How to apply DRY principle to SELECT in SQL procedures? -1.72
'CASE' expression whether to apply a WHERE condition to a q... +0.59
How to set the default area in ASP.NET Core? +2.30
Set All members of a Collection with LINQ to NULL +0.51
Compare dateTime "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss" with "yyyy-MM... -0.05
Filter by a persons name only 0.00
Using IN clause in THEN portion of a CASE expression -1.02
Convert Table to Specific Column Wise -0.89
How to check if the value exist in the database table ignoring null... 0.00
SQL Query to fetch the records with success status +1.70
Advance LINQ Ordering in Xamarin Forms -1.14
LINQ Join and Sum Query returns duplicate Results 0.00
Finding the customers that are coming back in a week -1.64
Finding the customers that are coming back in a week +0.36
How to reset jquery .on()? -0.26
C# Anyway to Aggregate from IQueryable (Not AsEnumerable) +0.00
Set null value to disabled text box using jQuery 0.00