An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1613.80 (1,289th)
12,030 (12,269th)
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Title Δ
cut in ZSH doesn't cut git output from a subshell 0.00
C calling nested function inside another nested function +0.66
Append to last (or n-th) line of function (using awk/sed) -0.81
Remove specific number of digits using sed -1.50
Why static definition of variable in C fails while compiling? -0.26
Getting a segmentation fault after a thread completes it's job -0.64
How do I convert a string into a tuple/array in bash? +2.19
Is it possible left and right bash trimming with the # and % operat... +1.47
Remove trailing comma of macro expansion 0.00
How to tell what versions of C++ are availavbe for g++ and clang -0.05
static lookup table in c for enum with assigned values -2.56
Non-persistent system wide environment variables 0.00
In file B find patterns from file A and replace with patterns from... -0.65
trigger a command on a remote path from /tmp -2.36
inconsistent sed output within a bash script 0.00
How do I display a 64bit unsigned integer with sprintf? 0.00
How to read key=value variables from one file and replace ${key} in... +2.67
How to read from and write to the same pipe in bash properly 0.00
fold: invalid number of columns when running script with arguments 0.00
Using nested for loop bash +1.16
Trim both path and extension from __FILE__ compile-time 0.00
How can I cause a "initscr" break with ncurses? 0.00
Listing existing files that are not present in a list using shell -0.30
What kind of file is the smp_affinity-file? 0.00
Extract strings between 2 texts enclosed between squared brackets -0.51
How to only concatenate files with same identifier using bash script? -2.03
Interleaving updates of volatile variables (registers)? +0.28
How to run an old binary on modern GNU/Linux distribution? 0.00
Why use the const char* form for a string -1.87
Recasting an array in C 0.00
Proper usage of regex switches in grep and sed 0.00
Unable to use variables in remote ssh command 0.00
Do not append video id youtube-dl 0.00
Token detection within a C preprocessor macro argument 0.00
How can sum of FTW->base and some string (path) returns a string? 0.00
need shell script to sort numbers including decimal numbers 0.00
Exiting awk with error code if pattern not found -2.57
How to sort array of strings by function in shell script -1.24
Newlines are not added to the end of shell variable +1.90
Basic practice of dynamic library C++ 0.00
The meaning of ${BASH_SOURCE-$0}? -1.12
How to capture the longest match of a repeating pattern using BASH_... -0.87
Bash scripting || sed command -0.26
macro that applies only once 0.00
Generalized iteration over arguments of macro in the C preprocessor 0.00
using sed with variables to replace quoted string in bash +1.38
How to make double quoted variable in bash to output empty instead... -0.70
c++ make failing on forward declaration - running in docker 0.00
Where can I find the GCC 9 implementation of std::chrono::system_cl... 0.00
Is there any way to use a variable inside sscanf modifiers 0.00