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1592.12 (2,135th)
12,030 (12,238th)
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Title Δ
How can I redirect stout of each command to a separate log file in... 0.00
Pipe find command output to ls command 0.00
C Adding each char into array 0.00
Bash copy variable containing array as reference 0.00
How To Include External Libraries in CMake Project 0.00
How can I check if char encoding is ASCII? 0.00
whay print this when replace Linux file description 0.00
CMake: Print properties of a target including his dependencies 0.00
passing arguments to docker 0.00
Hi i have to create a file that is named exaclty like this "\?... 0.00
AWK If Condition is not behaving as expected 0.00
Is there a way to propagate a compiler flag FROM a SUB_DIRECTORY to... 0.00
Can't Pass bashrc defined arguments to the terminal 0.00
Extracting part of path containing a number in bash 0.00
What is the use of "snprintf" with more than 4 parameters? 0.00
Printing a certain struct produces unexpected output 0.00
C++ iterate over subvectors of size N 0.00
How to make multiple assignment with prameter substitution in bash? 0.00
sed replace regex correct syntax 0.00
Docker: how to update variables inside the container? 0.00
Why does my code only run when I use printf? 0.00
Using bash script with awk as command 0.00
Copy digits from each line at position 2 to 4 to position 8 to 10 f... 0.00
Simple memory allocation for embedded application 0.00
Bash: extract text in between two characters which appears more tha... 0.00
How to pass array of char arrays to function by reference? 0.00
Why doesn't "/bin/sh ls" execute ls? 0.00
how does shell run sh scripts? 0.00
How can I understand <package>Config.cmake, <package>Co... 0.00
Program break doesnt change after calling malloc in a loop? 0.00
Fastest way to create 5,000,000,000 empty files in 5,000 directorie... 0.00
How to instruct CMake not to merge compiler arguments? 0.00
Bash script working locally but returning syntax error in CI 0.00
I'm trying to read content from a file but I'm not getting... 0.00
Ranking sometimes fails when int and long have the same width in C 0.00
cmake object library build with external aditional header file 0.00
Any faster way to replace substring in AWK 0.00
Understanding IN Statement in awk 0.00
How to use the output of one command as the bash completion for ano... 0.00
Split file content strings by dash using xargs 0.00
difference between bc and bc -l in bash when i try to find modulus... 0.00
how to sum file size from ls like output log with Bytes, KiB, MiB,... 0.00
In ash how to set multiple line output to variables 0.00
How to ignore output of diff in bash 0.00
C or C++ preprocessor selecting code blocks 0.00
Build twice same library 0.00
How to compare two files and print the values of both the files whi... 0.00
What is ${command_} in a shell script 0.00
Fixing corrupt mbox files with sed/awk 0.00
Handling variable scoping (due pipes in while loop) in POSIX shell... 0.00