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Laurence Gonsalves

1609.73 (1,388th)
108,100 (644th)
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Title Δ
Why is `git push --force-with-lease` failing with "rejected ..... 0.00
How can I specify a static (not DHCP) DNS in my alpine:3.6 Docker c... 0.00
How to build a monitor with infinite loop? -0.15
Why is the Gradle Versions Plugin not seeing the latest version of... 0.00
In the startup scripts generated by gradle's application plugin... -0.66
What are different between Code 1 and Code 2 in Kotlin? 0.00
How to change `app:popupTheme` based on app's overall theme? 0.00
Android Studio reports "Could not identify launch activity: De... 0.00
How to build Google protocol buffers and Kotlin using Gradle? 0.00
How can I find out the "syntax group" of the current char... 0.00
How do I stop gradle from deleting my intermediate files before lat... +1.35
"Could not find property on task set", but task appears i... +0.36
Returning pointers to string literals in c -0.66
Split hollow sphere based on circumscribed Dodecahedron sides 0.00
PriorityList - enqueue method error -0.15
C: How do you free malloc'd strings inside a 2D struct array 0.00
How can I keep the indentation between lines? -0.25
error: illegal start of expression 0.00
Why do we use bitwise operator? 0.00
Why "\r\n".split("\r\n") returns an empty array? +0.37
Vim 80 character marker without adding spaces 0.00
Turning strings in a list to integers +1.22
Initial list gettign modified if duplicate list is modified -1.18
How to find an integer's position in the fibonacci sequence 0.00
Difference between synchronized(Singleton.class) and synchronized(o... +0.06
Cannot Import From a Class 0.00
Can't Identify the reason behind Null Pointer Exception 0.00
URL cannot be cast to String +0.61
Java Properties Class adding characters when URL is entered +0.33
How to escape square brackets inside brackets in grep 0.00
Details on Makefiles -0.36
How do I modify a Python operator? -1.48
Can't display an iframe of a "file" protocol url src when... 0.00
What exactly are Native Methods in Java and where should be used +1.96
The method validate(capture#2-of ? extends Object) in the type Vali... 0.00
why is this dot not greedy? +1.28
How to extract the title which contains 3 or more a's? +0.92
Java Regular Expression Escape Sequence +0.34
Fastest way to find binary base +1.16
Use mobile phone camera as a scanner with GWT? +0.36
Why doesn't this regex code work? 0.00
Is it possible to match an intent-filter's pathPattern in a case in... 0.00
Trouble with android openGL if statement nd onTouch event -0.18
How can I create a Python function with variable arguments -0.26
Regex for almost JSON but not quite +0.34
Does UTC date string require the format specifier "Z" eve... +2.49
Can overridden methods differ in return type? +0.36
What is the difference between Thread Local Area (TLA) and Thread S... -0.15
How does C++ char* comparison work? -1.90
Vim regex search history not working as expected 0.00