An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1486.37 (4,460,038th)
102 (705,278th)
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Title Δ
Saving types of templated classes 0.00
Overload a virtual method in a derived class so it takes more param... +4.31
how do i print out multiple elements from an array in one go? (C++) +1.11
How are constexpr functions implemented by compilers? 0.00
Access method's parameter with dll injection 0.00
runtime error caused by a constom function 0.00
Why does MSVC fail to compile this CRTP code? 0.00
c# string to c++ wstring using Encoding.Unicode.Getbytes() -3.54
spurious "containment" in std::set of pointers -3.46
Immediately calling destructor after setting in the fluent interfac... 0.00
fopen works in main but not in a function in another file +0.14
Use C/C++ Extension for VS code without any compiler installed 0.00
How to template a function with a mix of non-type template paramete... -1.46
Ensure class methods with C++20 concepts +0.19
How to match only variadic templates with a template template param... +1.93
C++ using 'this' keyword in member initialization list -3.46
Dependency inject a continuation library C++ 0.00
What are the rules for out-of-line definitions of constrained membe... 0.00
Replacing ezXML 0.00
How to get a reasonably well working generator class template in C+... -3.96
MSVC: Bug with templated conversion operators and multiple inherita... -4.25
C# using a function from C++ dll with std::vector as parameter 0.00
How do I find the size of a char array? +0.64
Is there a way to make G++/clang++ compile times as fast as MSVC? 0.00
C++ make placement new aligned storage initializable using constexpr +0.85
C++ Binary Input/output file Read/Write Access voilation 0.00
C++ template variable specialization with GCC 5.4 -3.35
Storing variadic parameter and callback for later usage -3.22
Function-pointer with variable count and type parameter? 0.00
Error MSB8036: The windows SDK version 10.0.17763.0 was not found 0.00
Overriding a virtual function with a covariant return type in a tem... 0.00
cmake is not recognised as an internal or external command 0.00
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64 after linking a static lib... 0.00
where's the point of instantiation of static data member templa... 0.00
Attributes for main function parameters +5.44
How to compile C Linux libraries for use in Windows? +0.02
error C2679: binary '<<': no operator found which tak... 0.00
How much memory must be reserved for a C++20 coroutine frame? -1.64
How to safely return objects from DLL calls +0.24
Writing output files with SAXON / XQuery 0.00
C++ code to test another .cpp if its possible to compile it 0.00
Using clang or g++/gcc to print preprocessed code without including... +2.45
Are there drawbacks to using [[maybe_unused]] for variables used on... 0.00
Compiler to C++20 on Windows +0.13
template deduction/substitution fails on smart pointers -2.29
Get Last element of parameter pack in C++17 / C++20 -0.44
Static pointer to this defined inside class for mock for googletest 0.00