An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Jean-Pascal Billaud

1479.34 (4,499,231st)
198 (464,959th)
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Title Δ
Sum Pyramid with backtracking 0.00
Handling tasks with different priorities in a thread pool -0.28
Strings and dynamic programming algorithm -3.85
Converting N strings to a common target string in maximum of K edits -3.65
How to design an optimal trip planner +0.04
Median of Lists +4.16
Suggest optimal algorithm to find min number of days to purchase al... -3.23
how to merge local commits at a develop branch in git? 0.00
How can I make GitHub pages use the master branch? -3.32
Take a Current Git Branch and "reset" Its contents to Mas... -1.46
ignoring merges in git -2.44
C Change Pointer of Array to Larger Array -2.64
C Tutorial - Newbie questions -0.82
C - Find the size of structure -3.18