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1773.95 (16th)
125,116 (511th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to get the Low-High value of a linear enum with gene... 0.00
How to paint standard windows information icon nicely to the index... +1.40
How can I disable VCL Style for PopupMenu/Menu for Delphi 10.1 Berl... 0.00
Windows Ribbon Framework for Delphi & custom styles 0.00
Delphi 2009 - Get file's Owner name -2.90
How to disable vcl styles on external dll forms in delphi 0.00
How to change color of the scrollbar in SynMemo with VCL styles 0.00
Delphi. How to disable Vcl Themes for TFileOpenDialog and TOpenDialog +0.17
Ownerdraw VCL grids not picking expected selected colour for VCL St... 0.00
Strange piece of Delphi Code -2.97
Get a specific glyph from Delphi VCL Style 0.00
MessageDlg does not make sound -0.57
Update many projects to use a common VCL style 0.00
Why FMX.TWebBrowser cannot be used in desktop applications as per D... 0.00
Easiest way to show differently styled buttons 0.00
Vcl Style Utils - Get rid of default form icon +1.27
Delphi 10 Seattle - Vista Dialogs bug with VCL Styles 0.00
Property "ofOverwritePrompt" for TSaveDialog does not wor... +0.45
NumbersOnly TEdit Delphi Hint not working +0.97
Access the WMI from Delphi +0.76
Using Delphi XE3 How Do I get a List Of Tables in MS Access AND Exc... 0.00
How to locate Key in Windows Registry? 0.00
Drag drop text in Delphi +0.15
How capture a window that is opened inside of a “new desktop enviro... 0.00
How to get the value of StartingOffset properties in class Win32_Di... 0.00
Error with variables/procedure +0.89
Delphi: TOpenDialog + VCL Styles corrupts filenames with large amou... +0.52
FireDac GetFieldNames without quotes 0.00
VCL TImage + TImageList, transparent feature doesn't work or wh... 0.00
How can I force a FireMonkey TComboEdit to show its drop down progr... 0.00
Publish Delphi EXE to Windows Store 0.00
Delphi : Call user selection interface 0.00
VCL Styles - Only skin one control 0.00
How do I get the horizontal and vertical scroll bar position of TWi... 0.00
How do I tell if TDBImage my has been erased/emptied? 0.00
How to apply different style sheets to VCL buttons in Delphi XE8 0.00
Can I use the new Delphi VCL styles to simply color a specific obje... 0.00
TreeView's ScrollBar Not Accept VCL theme when mirroring 0.00
Using custom styles shows invalid characters when right-clicking a... 0.00
Delphi: Retrieve current network connection type 0.00
How to check if hard disk is encrypted or not using VC++? 0.00
Get process handle of created processes Windows 0.00
Detect/identify the port (HDMI, other) the monitor is connected to... 0.00
TDateTimePicker looks ugly with VCL Styles Hooks 0.00
Detecting Printer configuration changes in c# 0.00
make Delphi XE 8 editor color more clear +0.17
How can I determine what screen/monitor the application is running... -1.29
How to get locale id MacOS/Android +0.75
Delphi TADOQuery: Format data before SavetoFile 0.00
Delphi - Have external's app minimization to trigger another ap... 0.00