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Rating Stats for

Jr. Martijn pieters

1372.43 (4,536,283rd)
11 (2,046,280th)
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Title Δ
python list to 'n' number of strings depending on length of... +0.37
find the pairs of elements of two lists with a range +1.49
Faster way to check for all numbers in a string -0.55
Recursive dictionary from list of hierarchical codes +1.06
what is an efficient way to fulfill this simple task? -0.09
Python - Assign a value to the first element of each sub list -0.11
How can I properly list my data? +0.31
How to compare two sorted lists to find the list with the greater n... +0.06
Gen Fill Rates on Varying Nested Dictionaries in Python? +0.06
Separating Lists Based on string match - Python -0.28
Generate all possible permutation of multiple lists and access them... +0.31
Group items in a list of tuples based on a common ID +0.01
How to order a list of lists and merge consecutive elements in Python 0.00
python converting strings in list to ints and floats +1.54
How to iterate through the dictionaries of a string representation... +0.50
how to remove all list items that match ttems in another list i? -1.73
A way to compare dictionary values in python and printing their keys -1.74
I need to remove single inverted commas from list -0.52
Regroup or reorganize keys in a dict? +0.01
extract words with specific character sequence -0.92
How to count the number of values that has digits only in a list py... +0.64
Unique permutations for a list of tuples -0.37
How do I remove a list item from a dict value? -2.09
Days of week list +1.30
Splitting names that include "de", "da", etc. i... +0.10
Python Combining Dictionary of A List having Same Characteristics +0.19
Modifying List in python -1.41
Check number not a sum of 2 ints on a list -2.96
iterating through the list elements inside the dictionary -2.18
Python regular expression quoted string -2.71
Eliminating tuples from list of tuples based on a given criterion -2.31
Extracting every nth m items from a list -0.17
How to remove a particular substring from a list of strings? -0.58
Fast zip list of lists while completing shorter lists by cycling -1.01
given input prefix, get suffix in python re -1.51
Python: Parse inconsistent list into list of lists, setting first a... -2.04
Skip list of list, go straight to list +0.29
Ranking numbers in lines in a text file from biggest to least? +1.26
Python - Sorting 2 or more lists according to the value of 1 of them -0.48
Fetching n random keys with certain values from dictionary 0.00
How to extract element of dictionary (python3) -0.19
Create new empty list as loop iterates? -1.26
Creating a list of groups of pairs under constraint +0.98
Making one list the index of another list in python 3.x -3.06
Filter list of tuples +0.46
How to custom sort a list in python -2.49
Save loop output with list into dictionary in Python -2.85
Regex (Python) to count elements in domain name -2.03
method that generates unique combinations of numbers -1.53
python: find all keys with a value -2.24