An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Niklas B.

1741.00 (49th)
72,476 (1,169th)
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Title Δ
Cookiejar use in an opener +4.04
Why is init a partial function? +2.23
Setting a Select control in a form with Mechanize using Python 0.00
Ruby : force rand frequency 0.00
python: check if a line has one of the strings in a list +4.24
Is it possible to bundle / install gems from a local cache? -4.39
echo back every Ruby code line like sh -x? +3.63
Importing a python module without actually executing it +3.94
How to store objects for later use and make them searchable +5.54
How to share data between implementation and description of a spec? +2.70
Creating and removing folders in Tests 0.00
How do I parse XML and perform actions depending on the node conten... +3.65
UTF-8 Error in Ruby 0.00
Nokogiri replace inner text with <span>ed words +5.42
file error in python +3.97
Splitting console into different zones +4.04
Ruby grep, match and return +4.12
Ruby visual debugger run from linux terminal 0.00
Python Script to sort and rename files - Removes duplicates +0.33
Is the Global Request variable in Python/Django available? -2.90
Question using github API 0.00
What is the difference between type of a class and superclass of a... +2.20
Convert sslsocket python code to ruby 0.00
Ruby Symbol#to_proc leaks references in 1.9.2-p180? 0.00
Auto register a class when it's defined (but without importing it a... 0.00
Rails Minimizing Database Load -0.10
Calling Redmine REST API to Get All Issues: 406 Error? 0.00
Iterating through a python list of list and creating a new list +3.99
Ruby for the PIC32 Microcontroller 0.00
Show a set number of <li>s and then hide them to reveal anoth... -3.92
Python - making decorators with optional arguments 0.00
Counting inversions in an array 0.00