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Antti Haapala

1623.26 (1,005th)
93,439 (833rd)
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Title Δ
Double cast to unsigned int on Win32 is truncating to 2,147,483,648 0.00
Transpose of sparse matrix in C 0.00
Error when Compiling CPython: C2440 'function': cannot conv... 0.00
The memory address of constants in C 0.00
Arrays-Problem with global integer declaration in C 0.00
argv vs bash expansion/command substitution/python 0.00
IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe 0.00
Is FILE * reassignment without fclose() okay? 0.00
Complex numbers in C and fftw 0.00
passing arg 2 of --- discards qualifiers from pointer target type 0.00
Is pointer difference between two arrays defined on specific implem... 0.00
scanf formatted input does not apply to first character scanned 0.00
Understanding memory allocation for a 2D like array 0.00
Can any body tell me why the size of this structure is 16 on a 32 b... 0.00
how can I create a bitmaped data in c? 0.00
How to check if the direct path between two cells in a 2D array is... 0.00
In selection sort, descending array's performance is faster tha... 0.00
Passing array by ref causes compiler warnings - How to use pointer-... 0.00
can't understand bit fields in C 0.00
incompatible pointer types assigning to 'void (*)(void *)'... 0.00
Non static can follow Static, but Static can't follow non-static? 0.00
how can I make branchless number cycle? 0.00
Is pointer arithmetic still well defined after casting with alignme... 0.00
What types of error when using the wrong format specifier in printf 0.00
Back then, were char variables in C declared as unsigned by default? 0.00
How does C language transform char literal to number and vice versa 0.00
Is it possible to find the address of the end of an array with a re... 0.00
Are all local variables constructed simultaneously at the beginning... 0.00
is using shared libraries is not always better than using a static... 0.00
C illegal instruction 0.00
C- void pointers 0.00
Copying part of a struct using memcpy and offsetof 0.00
What is the dereference operator telling the compiler to do during... 0.00
Compile-time computation (C++ v. C) 0.00
Proper terminology for non-const variable 0.00
Cast the return value of a function that returns a casted type 0.00
Understanding clang loop-optimization 0.00
how can I force the source file implement definition for a header f... 0.00
How to avoid reading weird symbols, by pressing arrow keys with get... 0.00
How do print exactly X digits in hex 0.00
If struct type is defined in another .c file, it becomes incomplete... 0.00
Why does this code print 1 2 2 and not the expected 3 3 1? 0.00
The x86 disassembly for C code generates: orq $0x0, %(rsp) 0.00
Is time complexity the only thing to consider when trying to compar... 0.00
when i edit the linux kernel code, what is the process of building... 0.00
ELF Program Headers and Virtual Address 0.00
What's the fastest way to copy two adjacent bytes in C? 0.00
Will the size of bitfield be saved even if assigment is via pointer? 0.00
lazy pointer in C++ 0.00
Difference b/w using i<strlen() and str[i] != '\0' 0.00