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1342.16 (4,536,303rd)
86 (786,769th)
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Title Δ
How to remove "G1R" of the row value: "NG1R" in... +0.85
R Convert char to time -0.58
Extracting "Year" , "Month" and "Day"... -0.97
Create a matrix symmetric from long table in r +0.25
Finding the rhyming words in a corpus with R, regex +0.43
Frequency of strings and their IDs in a dataframe using R +0.97
R: Question about using lapply() function instead of for loop 0.00
Add range of occurence of each factor in seperate column (data fram... -0.37
R: How to rename columns with row value dataframe +2.93
R: insert value in dataframe cell searching extracting it from anot... 0.00
How to subset a text by 2 sentences in R? -0.74
Modifying vector to contain only ascending elements +0.92
Collapse duplicate row values and pivot wider non duplicate rows wi... -0.69
Using sum in dplyr mutate with filter -1.30
Finding rowwise minimum and column index in a tibble -0.76
Removing rows that include NA in specific column only if the rows a... +0.12
R programming Pie Chart with mtcars +1.93
Keep last n characters of cells in a function in R -0.96
Extract and append data to new datasets in a for loop -0.80
RSelenium will run when running each line individually but not when... 0.00
R: count distinct IDs where selected column is non-null +0.41
Splitting a string into multiple columns (with specific order) -0.13
Build ARIMA model 0.00
Pandas groupby multiple aggregations with exclusion of the focal gr... -0.78
How to make nested for loop in R writing output to dataframe more e... -0.04
How to remove an unnamed element from a single item list? -0.79
Count distinct in R groupby, first spliting the cells by ",&qu... +0.16
Use a specified column of one data.frame within a list of data.fram... -1.11
How to Loop through communities by ID? +0.99
Find the ideal cluster 0.00
For loop error: replacement has length zero 0.00
Expenential of times in R -0.98
Rename elements of a list +0.90
forecast() in R repeats predictions 0.00
Calculate statistic (e.g sum, mean...) base on columns from another... +0.30
how to replace entire row by another row, with the same id, in R? -0.09
R how get afinn score in a new column 0.00
Remove first two words from string -1.11
how to covert a vector of integers with no repeats to multiple cons... -0.90
R - Obtaining the highest/lowest value in a set of columns defined... +0.35
Normalizing values depending on group in R +1.11
Is there a way to get R print ouput as string? +0.71
Calculating unique masons by grouping consequent last months in a d... +3.13
To remove non- pair entries in a dataframe? 0.00
How to count unique IDs at different dates in R? -0.89
Introducing missing values using number of IDs in R randomly -0.79
how to split a dataframe by specific rows in r -1.12
Tidyverse: If_else + str_length + str_pad to mutate 1 column -0.51
In R, convert "Oct 29 - Nov 1" to "20201029" an... -0.70
How to make a matrix using a different matrix and the summation fun... +0.19