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1358.65 (4,409,285th)
86 (762,523rd)
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Title Δ
Delete part of string based on a pattern 0.00
How to map two dataset A & B under the condition that Month of... 0.00
How to add information to a cell based on information in other cell... 0.00
How to find rolling top 3 values in a column by group? 0.00
Extract single value from dataframe based on logical condition, Tid... 0.00
chop a vector into chunks such that the sum of each chunk is close... 0.00
sum of each column between them in R 0.00
Populate value by pattern 0.00
Element wise subtraction of a vector? 0.00
Count several rows and make a new column in R 0.00
Extracting rows on basis of specific column values in R 0.00
Using pivot_wider or other solution to output my dataset in R 0.00
Use count on lists with lapply and return list gives error 0.00
Compare value to previous n values in dataframe 0.00
How to set partial duplicates in a dataframe to null 0.00
Can I select a dataframe or other object by using a character in R? 0.00
I need to subtract from different baseline value in R 0.00
How to create a messy_impute() function that imputes NA values in m... 0.00
Combining & totalling rows in R 0.00
Use ifelse to assign Date in new factor 0.00
How to remove rows with 0 in numeric columns in R 0.00
R: How to find longest periods with overlapping data points and no... +0.69
unlist() gives unexpected results when used against a dataframe -0.89
Determine the longest segment of integers within an inclusive range... +1.05
Word Counter loop keeps loading forever in Python +0.61
How to avoid double for-loop in matrix calculation -0.61
Creating list of matrices from clusters of vectors with equivalent... +0.20
How to precisely check for illegal characters of file paths? -1.19
Shortest distance in R -0.33
Changing Class of Column Across Multiple Dataframes -0.85
Limit string length of all cells in a dataframe? -0.14
R - best way to sum categories stored as string, then reconvert to... +1.72
Having a integer number ID correlate to a string in Python -0.34
How to remove complete word if it contain certain characters in pyt... -0.31
R: My data frame has 2 columns that have a string of numbers in eac... -0.15
Reduce delay in shiny 0.00
Create new column based on whether date is between other dates, ove... +0.29
reduce dataframe to get equal amounts of rows per value (by group) -0.88
How to write a for loop program that finds the sum of all odd numbe... -0.33
Link excel database with downloadLink in Shiny 0.00
Scraping a wikipedia table -1.29
How to find several values conditionally from a vector? -0.89
Convert data.table with one id and one variable column to presence... +1.12
R: Check if a date is valid -0.87
Using Filter function in R. Need to assign NA and keep length of da... -0.88
Get the most frequent string in each row in a single column in R or... -0.87
Is there a way to check if a certain value is appearing week on wee... +0.98
Interpolate five year data annually +0.17
find the first unique element in the integer list : python +0.40
replace na in a dataframe with value in other df r +1.10